Mining optical cable production process - national designated key mining optical cable production base

Mining optical cable production process - national designated key mining optical cable production base  

Abstract:  This article mainly introduces mining optical cable MGTSV   Technical characteristics, structure classification , problems that are easy to occur in the production process of optical cables for mining, and solutions are proposed to improve the quality of mining optical cables.

I. Introduction 

The mine optical cable, that is, the flame-retardant communication optical cable for coal mine or the flame-retardant communication optical cable for coal mine, is referred to as mine optical cable, coal mine optical cable or coal optical cable , and its model is MGTSV .

Mining Optical Cable Fiber optic cable is a special application  in the field of communication that is professional communications cable  cable for coal industry is in coal, gold, iron ore and other mining occasions.

Mine is accident-prone  To ensure still ensure communication time of the accident flow  reduce losses  State Production Safety Supervision Administration of mandatory safety certification that the  mining product safety certification mark  safety standard certification communication cable is only one model that is MGTSV The practical range is the shafts and roadways of mines and tunnels.

Second, the technical characteristics of mine MGTSV cable 

Casing flexibility and side pressure resistance is good  precise control of excess length  excellent mechanical and environmental performance  small outer diameter is easy to install and lay,  anti-side pressure performance is excellent, anti-rat and anti-ballistic ability.

Third, the mining optical cable MGTSV structure is divided into  center beam tube type ( 2-12 core), layer twisted type (2-288 core )  

1, central tube  from the inside to outside of the optical fiber loose tube  fiber paste   plurality of thin wire around a circle   PE inner sheath steel   retardant sheath (blue).

2 , the layered twisted  from the inside to the outside as the center reinforcement  generally with phosphating steel wire  fiber  fiber optic paste  loose casing         PE inner sheath PE may exist 铠Steel wire  flame retardant sheath indigo

Fourth, mining cable production process prone to problems of 

1. Production of flame-retardant outer sheath easy to use blue tubular extrusion die  The viscosity at the molten state, flow characteristics, thickness of the jacket layer which is a 1: 1.3 using the appropriate die sets  bearing diameter 5-7mm 模 When installing the mold, the core should be retracted by about 2-3mm. The appearance of the sheath and the best bonding performance of the sheath

Re-grind the mold sleeve before production. When preparing to start production, make one end of a 20 cm long copper wire into a spoon shape. Use it to scrape off the possible coke around the mold sleeve. The appearance is smoother so that the appearance of the sheath does not appear vertical.     

2. Try not to use squeezed molds

On the one hand, the concentricity is not easy to adjust, resulting in a large amount of waste of raw materials.

In the second aspect, if the die size is matched with the improper appearance of the sheath, the appearance of uneven thickness is likely to occur, which affects the quality of the product.

3. PVC flame retardant material 50% PVC resin , filler calcium carbonate 20% , main plasticizer dioctyl 20% , other 10% calcium carbonate has natural hydrophilic characteristics, so the material is easy to absorb moisture Improper storage or long-term placement in production and use can easily lead to poor appearance of the sheath .    

Especially in the rainy season , the humidity of the air is getting bigger and bigger. The PVC sheathing material is more damp. In order to avoid this situation, the quality of the mining optical cable product should be ensured. The following aspects should be taken in the production process.

1 PVC sheathing material PVC packaging should be tight, no leakage bag smashing bag phenomenon, warehousing should pay attention to the use of plastic film or other waterproof material to cover the PVC material to avoid moisture absorption of the sheath material.

2 PVC sheathing material is dried for 2 hours in advance to ensure that the sheath material is dry.

3 Check the production process and check that the appearance of the jacket is slightly abnormal. First, reduce the production speed, increase the drying time of the PVC material in the machine, and then replace the moisture-containing sheath material to avoid the appearance of defective jacket.

V. Conclusion 

Mine optical cable has good mechanical properties such as flame retardant, full-section water-blocking, moisture-proof, pressure-resistant, compact structure, etc. It is widely used. This paper introduces the problems encountered in the production of mine cable in our company and makes a shallow analysis. In order to promote the production process and product quality of mining optical cables in the same industry, we will make due contributions to the safe production of coal mines.  

'Mining optical cable production process - national designated key mining optical cable production base

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