Architectural hardware "domestic demand" stim…

In recent years, a large amount of development and construction of high-grade buildings in China has expanded the market space for new energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, including various types of architectural hardware products. “Taking door and window hardw-----

Do not wear protective masks

Recently, Master Xu of Jinhua Licheng District, accompanied by his wife, hurried to Jinhua Eye Hospital to see the emergency department. Master Xu was a maintenance worker. When he was off work in the afternoon that afternoon, he discovered that a machine had a small problem and needed welding. Th-----

What harm does welding have on the human body?

Normally, welding workers have taken corresponding protective measures during work, but even if these protective measures still cause some damage to the human body, Oita can be classified. 1. Strong light 2. High temperature 3. Exhaust gas 4. Toxic metal 5. Electromagnetic wave 6. Work safety. St-----