Chinese scientists have developed "light-moving" materials, fuel-free spacecraft will come true

Nankai University revealed on the 19th that the joint research team of the school's professors Chen Yongsheng and Tian Jianguo obtained a special graphene material through three years of research. The material can be driven to fly under the illumination of various light sources including sunlight, and the driving force obtained is more than a thousand times that of the conventional light pressure. The results of this research made "light" flight possible.

Space vehicles are an important tool for humans to explore the universe, and the problem of power sources has always been that humans cannot go further. At present, almost all aviation and aerospace flights are chemically driven, that is, by driving the burning chemicals to obtain the driving force. Direct driving of light is a dream for many years in the scientific and aviation worlds. It is also a problem.

The graphene material developed by Professor Chen Yongsheng can effectively drive the flight under the illumination of various light sources including sunlight under the joint action of the special morphological structure of the macro material and the special electronic structure of the graphene itself.

In the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education of Functional Polymer Materials at Nankai University, the reporter saw that the researchers placed a 4 mg graphatin-shaped three-dimensional graphene material with a weight of 4 mg into a vacuum tube. Under the "push" of different light sources, the "sponge" instantaneously shifts horizontally or vertically, with a maximum movement distance of up to 40 cm.

According to the researchers, the light sources used in the experiments are weak, such as ordinary lasers and xenon lamps. It has been found that the wavelength of the light source is inversely proportional to the driving force generated by the graphene material. That is, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the driving force generated by the material. Through outdoor experiments, the researchers found that sunlight can also drive the movement of this graphene material.

"This is what we have learned. For the first time, the scientific community has used light to drive a macroscopic object and achieve macroscopic driving." Professor Chen Yongsheng said that by quantitative measurement, the force generated by this graphene material under illumination is traditional. More than a thousand times the light pressure. For a load of 500 kg, if a driving windsurfer based on this graphene material is used, the theoretically obtained driving force can at least achieve an acceleration of 0.09 m per second.

In addition to observing that this light directly drives the flight, the research team has carried out a large number of experiments and proposed a new driving mechanism, that is, under the action of light, the material obtains the corresponding driving force by emitting a large amount of electrons, that is, this A special type of drive is obtained by electron injection, which is completely different from traditional chemical rockets.

At present, Professor Chen Yongsheng's team is conducting further research and verification on this mechanism. Therefore, this material can also be used as a convenient electron emission source.

It is understood that the paper introducing the results is published online in the internationally renowned academic journal Nature-Optics. The latest issue of the famous British science magazine "New Scientist" commented on the result.

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