Aluminum square shipment notes

Aluminum delivery is an important part of maintaining the market and giving customers credibility. Why do you say that? Mainly because aluminum pass is a fragile product. In particular, if aluminum transport with a long length is a problem in transportation, the goods received by customers will be a pile of waste products.

There are a number of things that need to be taken care of for aluminum shipments.

First, the packaging must be qualified. Most manufacturers use carton packaging, which only protects the surface from damage but does not solve the problems of pressing and squeezing.

Second, use plastic film packaging. The first choice is to wrap the aluminum bag with a few turns and use a relatively thick plastic film to tightly pack it so that no gaps are loosened and the extrusion and treading can be effectively resolved.

Third, contact reliable, reputable logistics companies, such companies have better transportation quality, such as Debon.

After the above three parts are completed, the goods received by the customer are complete, and customer satisfaction can be long-term cooperation.

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