High-end splicing wood door leaf craft

High-end splicing wooden doors are no longer strangers, and are popular among consumers after the 80s and 90s, and solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors are comparable. It is also a middle and high-end product belonging to the wooden door industry. What is the process of splicing wooden doors?

High-end splicing wood door leaf craft

The process of splicing wooden doors is in fact the same as that of solid wood composite doors. There is a certain difference in the facade, that is, the door panel is assembled.

1. Unloading: The door frame is generally made of fir and pine. The panel selects the color and style corresponding to the order for cropping. No one style is different, and the panel size is different.

2, washing type, hot stamping: each panel cut also needs to be washed, each panel is different, it must be washed and slotted, and then the stamping surface is stamped so that the whole board is wrapped To make the door fan more beautiful overall.

3, splicing, gluing: Everyone knows that splicing wooden doors are custom-made, there are certain differences in style and size, now we need to splicing and splicing for each size of the pattern, good manufacturers generally use wood glue This is more environmentally friendly and is being glued. Normally it is 8-12 hours.

4 fine cut, edge banding: after the glue is good, it is necessary to cut the size of the order to cut out the size of the customer's order. In the edge sealing, there are three categories of general edge sealing: PVC edge banding, solid wood edge banding or veneer.

5 training: Each door fan may have quality problems. The process of inverting is to check whether the door has quality problems, or whether the size is the same, and whether to install glass and unlock holes. If not, the door leaf is finished.

This is the process of splicing wooden doors. It is relatively simple and not detailed enough. Most of the splicing wooden doors in the market are like this. The finer point is related to trade secrets. I hope you understand, I hope this article will let you know some splicing wooden doors.

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