There is no evidence of harmful GM foods?

[News from the beginning]

For the safety assessment of genetically modified crops, some experts believe that "there is no evidence of harmful." In real life, what the public needs is “is it safe or harmful?”

There will definitely be problems

Cai Jianyi: First, genetically modified foods "have no evidence to show that they are harmless", so there is no need to take their own and their offspring's body or even the cost of life to gamble; Second, many foreign animals are reluctant to eat genetically modified plant feed or appear after eating There are many cases of collective violence, and I don't think humans need to take risks. Third, commodities that combine with the interests of the consortium are best to touch. Industrial products have problems, plus it is a professional field. The capital consortium can manipulate the propaganda. We must be careful. Fourth, I believe in the law of natural balance. After many millions of years of natural evolution, our body has become accustomed to adapting to the natural, natural, and natural growth of food. According to Darwinism, it will take a long time. In the course of evolution, our bodies and foods have reached a natural optimal balance. Suddenly there is a non-naturally evolved plant food that will definitely cause problems!

"Anmin notice" needs to be in place

Zhang Shuishao: When the people questioned food problems, they were eagerly looking forward to the "Anmin notice" of the authorities, to calm down and eliminate doubts in their hearts. But when we say nothing, like "no evidence shows harm," we can say "no harm", and we can also say "not necessarily harmful." This kind of answer has caused people to lose their hope and the people are at a loss.

Safety assessment must be rigorous

Xiao River drowning: Personally think that the standard lower limit of food should be safe, not just harmless. Food is the direct entrance thing, and it is the most direct thing that affects people's health. Therefore, the so-called experts only made safety assessments on genetically modified foods based on “no evidence shows that they are harmful”. It is obviously not scientific enough and rigorous. There must be direct evidence that GM foods are absolutely safe before they can issue a safety assessment.

Does not mean that there is no evidence in the future

Defeng: There has been a long debate on the harmlessness of genetically modified foods. Although relevant experts have said recently that there is no evidence that GM foods are harmful, it is obviously logically indefensible to infer that GM foods are harmless. It is also ridiculous. The reason is very simple. At present, there is no evidence. It does not mean that there is no evidence in the future, not to mention food safety, human life, and the use of such a lack of rigorous and scientific judgment as the name of genetically modified foods. It is not only serious but it is not Responsible attitude. In other words, on the issue of treating genetically modified foods, relevant departments should give the public a definitive answer, instead of plausible, equivocal inferences.

Presumption of innocence does not apply to food safety

Liang Yan: GM foods “have no evidence to show harm” should be presumed to be harmless. This is similar to the presumption of innocence in the criminal law, but such a presumption in food safety is inappropriate. “No evidence shows that harm” does not mean harmless , Maybe it was just not found, maybe it was just no evidence. Therefore, human lives are forbidden and should be banned until it is clear whether it is harmful or not.

There are food standards to judge

Guo Xiaohong: Since there is a five-year edition of the "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" as the "standard," it is known to the public whether the standards for drugs are first tested or not. Foods also look forward to the introduction of standards to "measure" whether food is safe, because of the lack of reliance on standards, comment on food safety, benevolent insights, and wise men see wisdom.

Expert opinion lacks credibility

You Mingjuan: The professional opinions given by experts no longer have credibility, and they are used to perfunctory people's words. Experts should still face the issue of genetic modification and investigate the genetic problem more carefully and more meticulously in order to be able to recover its “authority” status in the hearts of the people.

Ge Yingchao: The so-called “people take food as their heaven”, food safety is naturally the focus of public attention. The technology related to genetically modified foods is still in its infancy. In the absence of a full understanding of them, what the public needs is of course trust and safety. “Were it toxic” obviously could not give a satisfactory answer to the public. The experts gave “no "The evidence shows that it is harmful." In the opinion of the public, it is irresponsible.

People are not mice

Zhuang Haiwei: Geological experts say that the collapse of the Hangzhou Metro is a "burst geological disaster." A bridge expert said that the Harbin Bridge is an overload that caused the collapse of the bridge. An economic expert at Peking University said that the gap between the rich and the poor in China should be widened and the society can improve. Take a look at the quotations from these so-called experts. Do some people who don’t believe even three-year-olds make sense? Is it true that the lives of so many mice can't explain the problem, so must our good people experiment?

Introducing GM crops is inevitable

Lao Shen: At the end of 2010, the Development Research Center of the State Council predicted that the net grain imports of China will increase from 9.76 million tons in 2010 to 22.24 million tons in 2020. At that time, China will become the world's largest grain importer. The above data does not include Soybeans, cotton, sugar and other agricultural products with high external dependence. If people’s food waste is not effectively curbed, if the government’s huge agricultural subsidies and various preferential policies are difficult to effectively increase the cultivation area, mobilize production enthusiasm, or continue to increase production, then the import of large areas of domestically grown high-yield genetically modified crops will be the future. We must also be an inevitable choice.

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