Three-leaf furniture play "kick the ball" after the sale of the problem who has

There is an old saying in China: the daughter who got married, the water that poured out. It means that after the daughter is married, she is the husband of the husband. She swears to death, and her family cannot interfere. This feudal society, on the woman and her family and its unfair old sayings, was placed on the "three-leaf furniture" of Chengdu's home furnishing brand, and it became obvious that it was a good thing - the daughters and the bad daughters were married and they were the others. It’s none of my business! In 2005 and 2006, I was awarded the “Top Ten Comprehensive Strength of Sichuan Furniture Enterprises” by the Sichuan Provincial Association for the Second Time, and the fifth “Three Leaf Furniture” in Beijing Huilongguan Wanjiacheng The sales office of the Furniture City staged a farce of the furniture door-to-door installation service "Pushing the Ball". Recently, the reporter of HC Home Network received a report from the consumer, Ms. Zheng, saying that the “Sanye Furniture” she purchased had a series of problems during the door-to-door installation, which made her untold! Let us first come together to know In the case of Sanye Furniture, Sanye Furniture was founded in 2000. It is a famous furniture production and sales enterprise in Chengdu, which is in line with Sichuan's all-friends furniture and Shuanghu furniture. The product image spokesperson is the supermodel, "What do you save my lover" heroine Yu Na. According to the data report of the Sanye Furniture website, after three years of hard work, Sanye Furniture has rapidly developed into a small factory with an area of ​​300 mu and more than 2,000 employees. It integrates production, R&D and sales. Modern furniture business. Nearly 600 stores across the country. The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. It is the executive vice president unit of Sichuan Province and Shenzhen Association of China. Some products are exported to Malaysia, India, Brunei, the Middle East, South Africa and other countries and regions. It has won the bronze medal of China famous brand, customer satisfaction product, excellent private enterprise, green environmental protection product, Chengdu Furniture Fair Gold Award and International Furniture (Lecong) Expo. Is such a company, after selling the goods, "regardless of"? Then look at Ms. Zheng's experience - moved to Xinyi to buy furniture when installing "kick the ball" Ms. Zheng's new house area is 52 flat small apartment, The limitation of the area allows Ms. Zheng to choose the furniture to pay special attention to the size. On October 18, 2009, Ms. Zheng went to Beijing Huilongguan Wanjiacheng Furniture City to set up furniture in the Sanye Furniture counter. At that time, Ms. Zheng selected a set of cabinets and ordered a new 2-meter five-door cabinet with the sales staff. Then the next day, Ms. Zheng received a phone call from the sales staff of Sanye Furniture, saying that the five-door cabinet had the shortest time and it was more than 2 meters. This made her somewhat unprepared - the furniture was intended to be placed behind the door, and the length of 2 meters was just guaranteed. The door can be switched normally, and once the long-term consequences can be imagined. Holding a glimmer of hope, Ms. Zheng came to Wanjiacheng Furniture City to negotiate with the sales staff of Sanye Furniture. The conversation ended in the conclusion that the salesperson “either changed or made must be longer than 2 meters”. Ms. Zheng is helpless. Another piece of furniture was selected at the scene. Moving to the new book is a great thing in life. I don't want to see Ms. Zheng in the selection of furniture. I thought it was just an episode, and what happened later made Ms. Zheng more "not to fight." After finalizing the furniture, the salesperson promised to deliver the goods within 3-7 days after payment, and from the date of Ms. Zheng's replacement of furniture (that is, October 19, 2009) until November 1st, she waited until the installation workers. During the installation process, the problem appeared again: "The five-door cabinet on the day of installation had a jewel on the top of the cabinet. It was not stuck. Their workers found a double-sided adhesive, which was not good-looking. Later, they decided to change the cabinet door for me." Ms. Zheng said. "Change a cabinet door, this is called replacement of parts, workers say it takes 15-30 days", because it is the first time to buy a home, the rented house has to expire, Ms. Zheng hit a phone call to the headquarters of Sanye Furniture. I begged to help them replace the new cabinet door so that they can move in early, and the reply from the Sanye Furniture Headquarters is "You bought it in Beijing. We are a big company. You need to talk to the Beijing sales office. Let them unify the newspaper," Ms. Zheng once again found the salesperson of the Sanye furniture sales counter in Wanjiacheng Furniture City. The other party said, "You want to find customer service, find us, we also look for customer service, go back and forth, and trouble." . Between the shackles, Ms. Zheng called the so-called customer service staff at the Sanye Furniture Beijing (number is the mobile phone number). The customer service staff vowed to say: "I have already reported you to Chengdu. You wait patiently, come to me. Just give you peace." Because of the eagerness of the stay, Ms. Zheng then called the Sanye Furniture in Chengdu headquarters. The headquarters claimed that there was no problem reporting. The game of pushing the ball between the Sanye Furniture Headquarters, the Beijing sales point, and the so-called customer service staff was a great pleasure. In the end, they all pushed the mess to Ms. Zheng: You wait patiently! Ms. Zheng gave it from time to time. The customer service of Sanye Furniture has got all sorts of deductions.

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