Analyze the current status and development trend of the powder industry

In the past 20 years, the domestic powder industry has made great progress. From scratch, from small to large, from small to large, processing materials are expanding continuously, and the whole industry is developing with spurt... For the future development, we should be full of confidence. . ...

In the past 20 years, the domestic powder industry has made great progress, from scratch, from small to large, from small to large, processing materials continue to expand, the whole industry has developed spurt development... For the future development prospects, we should be full of confidence.
The powder industry market is very large, and many people can see it. Maybe many people think that powder products do not need much technical content. In fact, this view is wrong. There are many factors affecting the quality of powder products: Firstly, from the processing point of view, the quality of the grinding machine type is very important, and the technical requirements of the grinding operation are also very high. The fineness, shape and structure of the powder after grinding are different, and the product quality is different. There is also a powder particle size distribution index is also very important; second, powder product post-processing is very important technology research and development. In the later stage, the powder surface modification treatment and deep processing have high technical requirements. The development direction of each enterprise is different, and the requirements for products are different. Therefore, the requirements for powder modification will be different. At this time, it is important to meet the customer's demand for powder products. Xufeng Powder is also actively cooperating with all major institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to gain the best of both worlds, and strive to provide customers with the highest quality products and services to solve practical problems encountered in the production process.
In reality, most of the products in the national powder market have low requirements for powder post-treatment. This kind of crude product has a large share, but it can be replaced. Therefore, powder companies only continue to develop in the high-end direction, research and development have differentiated products, and enterprises can really become the key to strengthening and expanding. For example, in the entire plastics market industry, the use of powders for high-grade engineering plastics requires very high technical content. Although the market share is not large, the added value is relatively high and the substitutability is also low. The broad prospects of the country's auto market also indicate that the prospects for the powder market for engineering plastics in the country are self-evident.

The glassfiber Reinforcement Net is produced by fiberglass fabric with special surface treatments. It is a kind of necessary structure material in the EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system).

Glassfiber reinforcement mesh has high strength, good cohesion characteristics and can combine with EPS board firmly. Moreover, it can resist corrosion from building material such as cement and other alkaline materials, also prevent wall`s cracking, improve wall`s stress and impact resistance. Therefore, it is an ideal reinforcement material.

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