The machine tool industry should fully prepare for the acceleration of the new energy era

Abstract Nowadays, “low-carbon economy” and “new energy vehicles” have become hot topics. At the Copenhagen climate summit that just ended, Wen Jiabao announced to the world that in the middle of 2020...

Nowadays, "low-carbon economy" and "new energy vehicles" have become hot topics. At the Copenhagen climate summit that just ended, Premier Wen Jiabao announced to the world that China’s carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2020 will fall by 40% to 45% compared with 2005. Unconsciously, the new energy era is accelerating toward us.
Looking back at history, after the first energy crisis broke out in 1974, Japan vigorously developed the electronics industry and fuel-efficient automobile industry. In 1980, car sales exceeded the United States. After the second energy crisis in 1990, the United States began to vigorously develop the Internet and promote the global network. The rise of the economy. In the face of the global financial crisis and the threat of climate warming, countries have combined efforts to promote economic recovery and combat climate change, and to achieve green recovery and green development as strategic priorities. Low-carbon technologies, innovations in clean energy, and the resulting increase in investment and employment will be the new engines that will drive the world economy out of the crisis.
From the perspective of China's energy structure, China is a typical country rich in coal, oil-deficient and gas-free. It has broad prospects for developing large-scale renewable new energy. At present, the proportion of thermal power generation is close to 80%, and the power supply structure is very unreasonable. In the future, it is imperative to give priority to the development of renewable energy and new energy such as hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, and biomass power generation.
New energy development is the focus of national policy support and attention. Nearly 40% of China's 4 trillion economic stimulus plan is used to develop clean energy. In 2009 alone, the national fiscal budget for renewable energy reached about 10 billion yuan, about 6 billion yuan higher than in 2008. The first draft of the "New Energy Revitalization Plan" shows that the total installed capacity of wind power will increase to about 150 million kW by 2020; the development goal of solar photovoltaic is 20 million kW of total installed capacity; the installed capacity of nuclear power will reach about 80 million kW.
In the face of such a fast-growing market, is the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the machine tool industry, well prepared?
Taking wind power as an example, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has weak independent research and development capabilities, and many technologies need to rely on foreign R&D institutions to achieve it.
The overall design and load calculation capability of large wind turbines are poor. The design and production capacity of control systems, generators, gearboxes and bearings are poor. The bearings and control systems of wind turbines also need to be imported from abroad. According to customs data, in the first half of 2009, China imported a total of 976 wind turbines with a total value of over US$98 million. Behind the data is the reality that China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry is fast and not strong – there are not many enterprises that have independent research and development capabilities, and key components are basically dependent on imports. The key to the restriction is that our manufacturing processes and processing equipment are relatively backward.
As the mother machine of equipment manufacturing, machine tools have more missions. The processing of new power generation equipment is the main force of machine tool demand. It needs a variety of precision, large-scale numerical control and special machine tools. It can be said that advanced equipment manufacturing technology, especially Advanced machine tool equipment is the fundamental guarantee for the upgrading of the new energy equipment manufacturing industry. Fortunately, China's machine tool companies have seen this emerging market, and many companies have made sufficient preparations and attempts.
The XKD2755×570-2M CNC fixed beam double gantry mobile boring and milling machine independently developed by Wuzhong is suitable for the processing of such large-sized parts of wind power gears; the first XKV2745×200 double gantry mobile mechanical five-axis developed by Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Group The linkage CNC boring and milling machine provides processing machine tools for the key parts processing of the national key investment projects, such as the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and the Three Gorges Water Conservancy. In particular, the processing of large-scale turbine blades relies on imported equipment in the past; the world's largest heavy-duty TK6932 CNC double independently developed by Qi Er Machine Tool Column floor milling and boring machine provides key processing machine tools for processing large-scale hydropower units and nuclear power plant equipment, breaking the foreign monopoly; Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. cooperates with Xiangdian Group to build a wind turbine generator enterprise with an estimated annual production capacity. 300-500 sets of 2MW direct-drive complete wind turbines; the first domestic solar-powered automatic silicon multi-wire slicer was successfully developed in Jiangsu Wuxi Open Source Solar Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., filling the domestic gap.
The arrival of the new energy era cannot be stopped, and machine tool enterprises must be well prepared to protect the industrial upgrading of China's energy structure.

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