Xinsi technology how to detect the hydropower generating unit test flight risks?

A common fault of a hydro-generator is a runaway, also called a coaster. When the hydro-generator loses its load accidentally, if the governor cannot immediately stop the operation of the bucket, the potential energy of the water flow is converted into the kinetic energy of the rotation of the bucket. Make the speed increase rapidly. This flying state causes the centrifugal force of the generator to increase and resonance, which may cause serious accidents. The load rejection test can detect the performance of the governor and prevent flying hazards.

Load test for generator set test factory No matter the conventional method or the dynamometer method, the water load (salt water tank) is currently used to perform the test, but the water load has functional defects, and the test results are different from the actual ones. In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of hydropower generation, Shenzhen Weierhua Electronics Co., Ltd., based on its dry AC load, developed a hydroelectric power smart test system that can perform performance tests such as load rejection tests for hydraulic turbines.

Generator load test test load dump load test needs to be achieved through load dumping, but the water load is greatly affected by impurities and temperature changes in the water, sudden response to sudden unloading suddenly, instantaneous load is not up to standard, can not accurately simulate the state of loss.

The generator set test manufacturer overcomes the defect of water resistance. The system consists of a measurement and control instrument and a dry AC load box. The data acquisition module of the dry load cabinet is accurate and has strong load carrying capacity. The use of special components and components provides agile response and stable temperature control. The system can be operated remotely, preset common test procedures, and can automatically complete the sudden lifting and unloading test.

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