The function introduction of King Kong net security screen

Although the security screen does not look very eye-catching, its role can not be ignored. Nowadays, the King Kong net security screens on the market are more popular among consumers. Therefore, let's take a look at the functions of the King Kong net security screens.

1, security protection

The main function of the security screen is safety protection, which is an indispensable facility to protect the personal safety of the family.

2, prevention of falling objects

Since the doors and windows in the home will be opened frequently, if you install the diamond screen, you can ensure the safety of the elderly or children at home.

3, invisible and transparent

The anti-theft screen has the characteristics of no barrier, breathability, lighting, etc., which can keep the air fresh and bright indoors.

4, easy to open

Compared with the traditional fixed fence, in the event of a fire, the security screen can facilitate the family to quickly escape.

5, energy saving

It can keep indoor air circulation at any time and reduce unnecessary air conditioning operation.

6, easy to care

If there is dust and oil, it is very convenient to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust, or remove it for cleaning.

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