The mortise lock anti-theft door has a key to open the door without disposal

The mortise lock anti-theft door has a key to open the door often occurs, this article is written according to the situation encountered in practice, for reference.
Generally, the anti-theft door mortise lock is two-speed and three-open, that is, the key rotates one week, and the lock tongue retreats one step; when the rotation is 2 weeks, the lock tongue retreats to the second speed, and the rotation can continue to drive the oblique tongue to retreat. In the case of a key that cannot be opened, you can test it step by step in the order of unlocking until you find the crux, solve the problem, and solve it.

First unlock with the original key to see if the lock cylinder is rotating. If the key cannot be rotated, it may be:
1. If the key is used incorrectly, the original spouse key can be replaced;
2. Because the mortise lock is generally a flip lock (ie, the marble is on the top), due to the dust inside the lock cylinder or the failure of the spring of the marble, the drop of the marble is too low, so that the key fails and cannot be unlocked. This situation is extremely rare and can be considered at the end. If it is indeed the above reason, in the case of no anti-locking (ie, the square tongue of the lock is not locked out), use a pull tab to open from the door seam or use a tool to open from the cat's eye of the security door;
3. The lock cylinder is filled with 502 glue, and the marble and the lock cylinder are in a bonding state, so that the lock cylinder cannot rotate. In the case of no anti-locking, use the pull tab to open from the door seam or use the tool to open from the cat's eye of the security door; if it is locked, it can only break the lock cylinder. If the door lock is fast (ie, the handle can be locked), the door can be opened by pressing the indoor handle from the cat's eye tool (very few new quick door locks can't be used).
4. There is a foreign object in the lock cylinder, and the key cannot be fully inserted. The foreign matter in the lock cylinder is not large, only a small part of the key is not inserted in place, it is not easy to detect; but the tooth of the key can not properly hold the marble, causing the lock cylinder to not rotate. At this time, you should observe it carefully. If there is a foreign object, open it and then use the key to unlock it.

If the key can be rotated, look at the angle at which the key can be rotated:
1. The left and right sides can rotate without limit, indicating that the dial block on the lock body is damaged, resulting in a linkage mechanism that cannot drive the unlocking.
According to the situation of anti-locking and non-locking, refer to the previous discussion method to solve.
2. It can be rotated in the opening direction, but the rotation is less than 180 degrees. It may be that the quality of the lock is not good or the gap between the square tongue and the lock plate is too tight, and the friction is too large. When the lock is locked, the lock tongue is not released in place; When the key is opened again, the dial block cannot be accurately entered into the fan-shaped gap of the lock tongue, but is stuck in the smooth portion of the carriage, so that the dial block cannot continue to rotate and then drives the unlocking linkage mechanism. When this happens, you can force the door leaf to push the door in the direction of the room, so that the friction between the square tongue and the lock plate is reduced, and then the key is used to open and lock, so that the lock tongue can be fully released to the normal position. Thereby opening the lock.
3. Rotate the key in the opening direction. When turning one week, you should have the sound of the tongue retreating. Continue to rotate to see if you can open the second gear. If you turn the second week, the key will not move. The second gear does not retreat. The reason may be: the quality of the lock body is not good, and the spring control mechanism fails to effectively control the retraction of the lock tongue. In the inertia of the motion, the head is retracted, so that the dial cannot enter the lock accurately. The tongue is in the fan-shaped gap, but stuck in the smooth part of the carriage, of course, there is no way to unlock; if you can open the 2nd gear, continue

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