2017 latest Ming and Qing huanghuali furniture price trend, Huanghuali furniture appreciation

In recent years, in the Chinese furniture market, the Ming and Qing dynasty huanghuali furniture has become popular and popular among consumers. The decoration is very sensation at home, and the thick retro style also highlights the taste of the owner. However, this kind of thing is often scarce, a variety of vintage furniture products will gradually be born in such a market atmosphere, below, small series I would say to introduce several imitation pear Ming and Qing furniture, Ming and Qing Huang and imitation The price of rosewood furniture is simple and simple.

Qinghuanghuali furniture price - official hat chair

The most famous person in Ming and Qing dynasty furniture is the chair. Please look at the imitation Ming furniture on the picture. It is a set of official hat chairs. You may not know the official hat chair. The hat chair is one of the Ming and Qing furniture, because its shape is particularly like the hat of the Ming Dynasty officials, hence the name of the official hat chair. The official hat chair is divided into a south official hat chair and a four-headed official hat chair. The four-headed official hat chair means that the back end of the chair and the front part of the left and right hand armrests have a head design, just like this on our picture. The official hat chair is a typical four-headed official hat chair. The price of this imitation clear yellow pear furniture is 6980.00 yuan.

Ming and Qing huanghuali furniture prices - round chairs


In the above content, we talked about the price of the official hat chair in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Next, I will talk about the other situation of the Ming and Qing huanghuali chair. It is the yellow we know. Rosewood furniture. You may have heard a lot of huanghuali round chair furniture, but do you know much about it? The round chair is actually what we call the circle chair, because the backrest and the armrest are a half circle that is connected together, so it is called. The price of this imitation Minghuanghuali furniture is 5999.00 yuan. It has all the characteristics of Ming and Qing round chairs. Its shape and workmanship are the classic representative works of antique furniture products.

Ming and Qing huanghuali furniture prices - solid wood bed

As we all know, compared with our current solid wood bed, the solid wood bed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is more thick, dignified and textured. The price of the imitation Minghuanghuali furniture on the map is 8600.00 yuan, which is mainly based on high quality Huanghuali. Solid wood is the material of the whole bed. Because it is all solid wood, this model looks quite heavy and comparable to the original furniture. Secondly, this imitation Ming furniture product also has a very good carving technique. Although it is an antique furniture product, its details are not sloppy. The engraving of this solid wood bed is orderly and vivid, which is very Successful antique works.

Ming and Qing dynasty furniture price - book case

Thinking about working in such a book case in a modern atmosphere is a bit strange, but it does not affect its sales. Many people buy it, not all for work use, but for use as a decoration for recognition. At this time, you might say that there is a class in an antique furniture product, but this one is clear yellow. The rosewood furniture product has a very high ornamental quality. You see, it has the characteristics of high quality solid wood products. It is thick, straight, stable and lifelike. It is comparable to the original solid wood furniture. The original solid wood furniture is priceless. And the price of this imitation clear yellow rosewood furniture is only 69900.00 yuan.

Ming and Qing huanghuali furniture prices - storage box

Ancient women have a variety of large and small storage boxes of different forms. The most exquisite workmanship is some jewelry boxes. Please look at the imitation of Minghuanghuali furniture products on the picture. It is a real thing. In the all-solid wood jewelry box, the yellow rosewood wood is golden and warm, the material texture is looming, vivid and changeable, its color is not static, noble and restrained, these qualities are perfectly reflected in this antique jewelry. Inside the box, please look at it. Compared with what we just said, it should be moved and quiet, and the movement is beautiful. This is the best interpretation of this jewelry box. The price of this imitation clear huanghuali furniture is 3700.00 yuan, it is a very good idea to buy it for collection.

The above content of the Qinghuanghuali furniture price is introduced first. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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