How to design a cake shop lighting? Cake shop lighting design

In the cake shop, the dining environment is good or bad. In addition to the design of the cake shop space and the setting of Chen, the lighting is an important part that can not be ignored. How to design the cake shop lighting ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the cake shop lighting design, I hope to help everyone.

How to design a cake shop lighting?


Cake shop lighting design 1, lighting is an important material element of the cake shop. The function of the light has a subtle connection with the taste and psychology of the diners, and is closely related to the business positioning of the cake shop. As a material language, the light source that matches the location of the cake shop can organically set off the personality and style of the cake shop. Therefore, the lighting arrangement of the cake shop is an integrated process, which must correctly handle the light and dark, light and shadow, reality and virtual Etc. Rudolf Arnheim's vision tells us that people are born with a conscious visual compensation function. Therefore, the cake shop should artistically construct a lighting system to mobilize the aesthetic psychology of consumers, thus achieving the beauty of the diet and the beauty of the environment. Unite.

Cake shop lighting design 2, cake shop lighting must be in line with the cake shop business positioning, different cake shops have different lighting systems. Western-style fast food such as McDonald's and KFC is used as a casual dining in China. The objects of eating are mostly women and children. The light source system is mainly bright and active. The traditional coffee shop and western restaurant are the most elegant places, and the lighting system is calm and soft. Different countries have different sentiments, British classical and solemn, French-style lively and clear, American-style eclectic, etc., all need lighting to cooperate.


Cake shop lighting design scheme 3, the lighting of the cake shop often evokes people's dining memories. If a cake shop is brightly lit and red lanterns, people must think that it is not a cake room or a bakery. This is the light in people. The suggestive role played by the impression. Therefore, the lighting should match the traditional consumer memory.

Cake shop lighting design scheme 4, in view of the current development trend of cake shop, personalized cake shop is constantly emerging, many theme cake shops are subverting the traditional store layout. At this time, the lighting settings are completely different from the traditional habits, but they are based on the basic idea of ​​lighting services in the operation of the cake shop. Therefore, the setting of the lighting system is not static, and the key is to deal with the relationship between change and constant.

Cake shop lighting design scheme 5, the type of lighting should not exist in isolation, it should serve the cake shop, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, palace lanterns, wall lamps, downlights, dark lights, etc., different lamps, systematic use Shows its charm.

The above is how the cake shop lighting design brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole content of the cake shop lighting design, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the cake shop lighting design after reading this article, if you want to know more decorative advice, please click to enter the decorative knowledge channel.

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