New home renovation and hydropower reform how much money to decorate water and electricity to go to good or good

During the home improvement process, the owner had to find out how much money was spent on the renovation of hydropower . Hydropower decoration is undoubtedly extremely important. It is an essential element of guarantor's normal life and a prerequisite for home enjoyment. It is undeniable that hydropower installation is also the most error-prone in home decoration. Although the hydropower reform has a bit of technical content, it may not be profitable. Today, we invited a plumber with many years of experience in home improvement to explain the precautions for household water and electricity decoration (90 square meters as an example), especially with regard to the hydropower price insider, below Give you a specific introduction about how much money will be spent on the renovation of hydropower in 2017.

How much is the decoration of hydropower reform (90 square meters for example)

1, the general decoration company: Sometimes the same hydropower do; sometimes do it separately.

2, open trunking, access to leading, etc., the price of 450 yuan, the duration of 2-3 days.

3, from the open slot to install the lamp, the price of 1500-2000 yuan. Calculated by the square, 3.5--4 yuan / m2 or so.

4, 90 square meters, belong to 2 rooms and 2 halls, the water and electricity wage does not exceed 3,000 yuan.


Renovation of hydropower construction mainly pays attention to four aspects

1, the design should be reasonable. Hydropower is rational and safe.

2, the material to be qualified. Choose a regular hydropower material brand.

3, construction should be standardized. Grounds are handled according to regulations.

4, acceptance should be rigorous. The construction is in place and meets the specifications.


Decoration and hydropower reform process

1, according to the design and customer needs to design trends.

2, according to the direction of the wall ground slot.

3, buried pipelines and cassettes.

4, detection circuit, water testing.

5. Smooth the trunking with mud.

6. After the wallpaper is finished, install the panel.


Four ways of home decoration hydropower offer

Water and electricity renovation quotes "quote by meter." A common way. The home improvement company will quote the price per meter. Then calculate actual usage according to the quotation. After the water circuit is renovated, it will be charged after verification.

Renovation of hydropower offer "according to the construction area of ​​square meters offer." A method used by large companies. The calculation is simple and quotes are quoted in terms of how much money per m2. Such as: total cost = cost per square meter × actual measured building area. The quotation on the market is not the same, and the craft is slightly worse at about 75 yuan/m2. According to the national standard, it is about 100 yuan/m2.

Renovation of hydropower offer "by item/bit quote". According to the size of the apartment and the area, make a quotation. For each item, the average price is estimated to be around RMB 75/bit in the market and 80 in the three-bedroom and two-room.

Renovation of hydropower quotes "according to pure manual quotes". According to the semi-package approach, how much money is quoted per m2. The market price is 18 yuan/m2, including: slotting, cement mortar, quote 35 yuan/m2. Due to different functions, quotes vary.

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Renovation of hydropower

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