Because of her taste, she ran out of her hometown's five odors.

When people say I'm "wonderful," I really can't tell whether he's exaggerating me or hurting me. Brother is a man, of course, men must have a man's taste, but she said that the taste is too heavy and unpleasant. Oh, it's a mistake to have masculinity. As a man of masculinity, my home is of course "enough to taste." Again, this was her dislike. She actually gave me some ways to remove the odor from home!

1, very unlucky lately, thanks to "must"

Every time I went back to the southern sky and the rainy season, my family did not do anything, especially for the Xiaobian who lived on the first floor. Inside cabinets, drawers... In this humid environment, bursts of musty scent are distributed. How to do? I heard that you can put a piece of soap in the cupboard. The musty smell is naturally eliminated. The dried tea leaves are also very good. Put them in gauze bags and put them on the embankments where they are needed. Not only can we get rid of the musty smell, but occasionally we can smell the faint fragrance.

2, I do not smoke I only smoked lonely

A cigarette after dinner, the game live gods. Now smoking is not only a private act, but sometimes it is a must for people. And smoking is not just a man's exclusive, female smokers are also more and more, there are specialized women's cigarette sales. When people smoke, they not only endanger their health, but the lingering smoke makes indoor air unpleasant. How to deal with smoke flavor? Candlelight. Are You Kidding Me? Can candlelight remove smoke? Yes, candle burning produces carbon black and other amorphous carbons that have an adsorption effect on smoke. You can also swing in the room with a gauze dipped in vinegar.

3, kitchen smell? Smelly smelling incense!

Stinky tofu is a rare food, smelling smoky and eating incense. If a kitchen that cooks food is odoriferous, it is not known whether the dish will be more fragrant. The combination of various dishes, various sauces, and meals in a narrow space in the kitchen makes the kitchen even more "flavored." In response to this situation, you can put a little vinegar in the pot, heat and evaporate, and then witness the miracle.

4, bedroom odor: so odor, is not you fart

The bedroom is easy to taste, after all, it is an area where people have a long activity. In the dirty air, I'm afraid it's hard to get people to sleep. Even if I'm asleep, the dreams I've entered are estimated to be stinks. But don't be afraid. Just drop a few drops of perfume, toilet water, or balm on top of the light bulb. Turn on the light switch. When it's hot, you'll be scented and intoxicated.

5, what should the bathroom taste?

Although the bathroom is a reincarnation of the grain, but everyone wants to solve "life events" in a fresh environment. The bathroom in the house was often cleaned and flushed, but there was still a faint smell coming out. When I was washing, I felt vomiting and thought that I was pregnant with a big man.

At this time, put a bottle of balm or cool oil on the corner of the bathroom so that it can not only remove odors but also prevent mosquitoes. If there is no balm, the effect of putting a balsamic vinegar is the same.

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