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Everyone must have seen the paint. Paint is very widely used in our lives. Today Xiaobian is introducing a kind of paint called hammer paint. Hammer paint is named after its shape after spraying. So the shape it forms is the hammering pattern. It also has two types: self-drying and drying. Hammer paint is made of aluminum powder, synthetic Resin, solvent, etc. Here's a small series together to learn about hammer paint related knowledge and hammer paint how to spray it!

One, the use of hammer paint

Suitable for indoor decoration of various machine tools, luxury doors and windows, safes and other surface.

Second, how to spray hammer paint

1. Stir the paint thoroughly before use and apply evenly to the painted surface. The substrate must be clean.

2、Adjust the construction viscosity with supporting solvents, mainly air spray, spray gun pressure is 3-4kg/m2.

3, spraying distance is about 20min, the gun movement speed is slightly slower and even.

4. Before the formal construction, it is best to sample the test spray to adjust the consistency of the pattern.

5. Different environment and construction conditions will produce different hammer effect.

6, spray paint film thicker, dry hard longer.

Third, hammer paint construction methods

Hammer paint construction methods are spray method, dissolution method and sprinkle silicon method three.

1. Hammer paint spraying operation mainly includes two methods: first point after spraying and first after spraying.

(1) After the first point and then the spray method adopts the hammer paint construction process after the first point and then sprays, first the sprayed workpiece should be placed horizontally on the spray table, and the spray gun with 1.5~2.5mm diameter should be used. When spraying, the required amount of paint is required. Large and low air pressure makes the hammered paint sprayed onto the surface of the coated workpiece evenly in large spots. After spraying and spraying, the spray gun is immediately adjusted to the normal spraying state. It has been sprayed before spraying. The same film of hammer paint is sprayed again on the coating surface in a mist-like manner. After the paint film is dried, a layer of transparent finish is applied to cover it, and after drying, a beautiful coating with a hammer-like pattern is obtained.

(2) Spray the workpiece first and place it on the spray table first. Spray the color hammer paint on the surface of the workpiece thinly according to the normal spray method. Then immediately adjust the spray gun to a large amount of paint. In the sprayed state, the paint liquid is spotted evenly on the surface of the thin-sprayed workpiece, and after drying, it is sprayed with a transparent varnish to cover it.

In the above spraying construction, the following points must also be noted:

1 The workpiece should be placed horizontally;

2 coating can not be too thick;

3Spray points must be uniform, and the dots cannot be consecutive;

4 The muzzle should be high when spraying, and the muzzle should be close to the surface of the workpiece when spraying.

2. Dissolving and spraying method The hammer paint is firstly sprayed on the surface of the painted and painted opaque primer. The hammered paint film is already at The dry state, that is, the dot-like spraying method evenly sprays the special thinner of the hammer paint uniformly on the hammer paint film to dissolve, once again causing the volatilization of the solvent at the point, thereby forming a beautiful hammer pattern.

3, sprinkle the silicon method is the use of "silicon water" can change the surface tension of the coating film, so that the silicon water droplets on the paint film of aluminum powder and paint have a strong repulsion effect, the formation of "silicone water" solution The drop is the center of the circle, and the aluminum powder sinks into the hollow pit of the bottom of the nest, creating a beautiful hammerhead. Therefore, the method of spraying the silicon method should be to first spray a layer of hammer paint on the surface of the coated workpiece. When the paint film is dry, spray a layer of “silicon water” on the thin point and then spray it. A layer of hammer paint is applied, and after drying, the hammer paint paint film required by the hammer can be obtained. If you spray a transparent finish on the surface, the effect is better.

Xiaobian conclusion: The relevant knowledge about hammer paint and how to spray the hammer paint introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information. If there is anything that you do not understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. This website will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information.

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