Remarks on renovation - prevent your luxury home from becoming a "home"

I saw a report from the Internet. At the end of 2012 , Ms. Gan spent more than 3.2 million in a real estate to buy a 190- flat hardcover room. In the Spring Festival of 2015 , less than two years, the luxury mansion in Ms. Gan’s image. Has been repaired more than 40 times, the kitchen has many tiles falling, the wall roof is cracked in many places, the central air conditioning pressure valve is drained like a rainstorm... Ms. Gan said that her parents went to the house without the number of times the decoration workers went in and out. . Many netizens have joked that this luxury house has become a "home", and Ms. Gan herself and her family are also suffering.


Today's residential prices are rising all the way, although slightly lower than the previous house prices, but for everyone to come is a "big money", with our own hard-earned money for a place to live, its significance is self-evident In particular, this piece of decoration, we can not be like the Ms. Gan, the decoration is not good enough to suffer. Therefore, in terms of decoration, we must be cautious and careful, the quality is not based on advertising, we must rely on the strength to do it. Many of the hardcover houses are “quantitative production” mode. After the completion of many details such as materials and construction techniques, the owners can't see any problems with the naked eye. The construction team is looking for no trace. The final pursuit is even more difficult. difficult.

In order to prevent the luxury house from becoming a "home" situation, it will happen to each of us again. Let's take a look at the precautions for the decoration. First of all, we are best not to buy hardcover rooms, the reason has been said before, here is no longer plural, this is the same as the buns, what stuffing only the package of people know. Don't rush to the so-called "free" and "cheap" in the decoration of the house. Remember two things: "wool is on the sheep" and "one point at a price" to prevent various forms of decoration traps. In the end, the merchants are all profitable. Any free and cheap ones must be recovered from consumers in other places. They cannot sacrifice the happiness and well-being of the whole family for the immediate benefit. Finally, it is necessary to choose a guaranteed decoration company to carry out the construction. On the one hand, the construction process is guaranteed, on the other hand, after the completion of the construction of the house, there is after-sales and guarantee.

Money can buy all kinds of houses, but it does not necessarily bring happiness and health. It takes more thoughts on family decoration and creates a warm and quiet space for the family.

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