How to deal with corn seeds can increase production?

1. Selected seeds: The density of corn planting increases, and large and small plants and three types of seedlings are prone to occur. Sorting the seeds according to the size of the seeds to achieve uniform seeding to the ground is the key to solving the large and small plants and eliminating the three types of seedlings.

2. Sun-breeding: Choose to dry for 2-3 days before planting. It can kill some bacteria on the surface of the seed, alleviate the corn disease, enhance the vitality of the seed, increase the germination potential and germination rate, and prematurely emerge for 1-2 days.

3. Seed coating: seed coating to control underground pests, corn smut, and rodent control in seedling stage. For the control of underground pests, it is necessary to use a coating agent with a content of more than 7%. Usage: Seed dressing and seed are mixed at a ratio of 1:50 for seed dressing. Place the seeds on a plastic film, pour the seed coating agent, mix with simmer, mix well and let dry for half an hour. Put it in the bag for use. After washing, wash your face and hands with soapy water. The remaining seeds should not be eaten or used as feed. The bags and other items that have been loaded with seeds should be disposed of.

4. Note: The pharmacy should be evenly distributed, otherwise it will affect the germination rate of the seeds; due to the decomposition of the drug, it should be backlit; the seeds should be sown after drying to prevent the quality of the seeding.

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