How to save energy and reduce consumption in industrial washing machines

Industrial washing machine is the most common, simplest and most easy to maintain industrial washing equipment. It has high washing efficiency, small floor space, beautiful appearance, excellent performance and durability. It is used for washing all kinds of cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber blended and other clothing products. It has a wide range of applications in garment factories, washing plants, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals and other laundry rooms, which is to reduce labor intensity and improve Ideal industrial washing equipment for work efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The economic operation of industrial washing machines and the reduction of energy consumption are our goal. Energy-saving emission reduction and energy reduction are just the purpose of reducing the energy consumption of industrial washing machines through the optimization of steps and detergents in the daily use of industrial washing machines, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency of industrial washing machines and saving energy and reducing emissions. How do we operate industrial washing machines?
First, industrial washing machines should be standardized. We operate industrial washing machines in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, combined with some of the experience summarized in our daily use to standardize their own operating procedures, because only the specifications can be efficient.
Second, the industrial washing machine should be washed in an appropriate amount, and it should not be washed excessively. Industrial washing machines should be loaded with the right amount of fabric. The appropriate amount here is 80% of the capacity of industrial washing machines. If the loading is too small, the electric energy will be consumed in vain. On the contrary, too much washing will not only increase the washing time. And the use of detergents, but also cause the motor to run overload, which increases power consumption and easily damages the motor.
Third, the choice of detergent for industrial washing machines. Detergents should choose professional detergents, because professional detergents not only superior to ordinary washing powder in the ability to remove stains, but also use very little, but here we need to remind that because detergent is a chemical product, we use it in dosage. Must be in moderation.
Fourth, industrial washing machines should use the right amount of water. Industrial washing machines should be used with moderate amounts of water and should not be too much or too little. If the amount of water is too much, it will increase the water pressure of the drum, increase the burden on the motor, increase the power consumption, and at the same time, the clothes floating on the water surface can not form a drop, beat, the clothes are not easy to wash; the amount of water is too small, and it will affect the clothes up and down during washing. Flipping, increasing the washing time, so that the power consumption will also increase.
Fifth, a reasonable grasp of the washing time of industrial washing machines. The washing time of the industrial washing machine is 4-50 minutes, the correct washing time is avoided, the invalid movement is avoided, and the washing degree of the clothes is mainly related to the degree of dirt of the clothes, the variety and concentration of the detergent, and the washing Time is not proportional. Exceeding the specified washing time, the washing degree will not be greatly improved, and the electric energy is wasted.

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