Precautions for routine maintenance of heat transfer oil pump

Note routine maintenance of heat conduction oil pump

1 The fuel must be used for the label. Pay attention to the temperature. 0 ℃ generally used in the summer diesel fuel, light diesel oil in winter -1 0 ℃. The fuel must be clean and shall not contain any impurities and water

2 heat-conducting oil pump wipes the surface of the anti-rust oil.

3 Clean the fuel injection pump chamber of the governor, inject anti-rust oil into the chamber, and add the specified lubricant.

4 The fuel crude oil pipeline should be used to clear the fuel injection pump piping before use, and continuously rotate the camshaft oil pump outlet valve seat until the clean fuel is ejected.
In order to prevent the impurities in the pipeline from entering the pump, for the newly installed pipeline, the filter should be installed in the pump glue, and the effective section should be 2 to 3 times larger than the section of the suction pipe .

Because long-term exposure heat transfer conducting oil pump operation, the user in the course of the bearing chamber oil does not change often, leading to long-term bearing lubrication oil pump bearing at high speed causing damage in poor conditions, but the thermal noise generated by conduction oil pump. In the daily production of conventional heat pump maintenance should be cleaned, timely replacement of bearing chambers, bearing lubricants.

Product Description

Using Machine:Die casting machine 120 ton -800 ton

Main Processes Flow(depends on part shape and requirement):
Drawing / or Samples →Mould making →Die casting →Deburring →Drilling and Tapping →CNC Machining →Polish →Surface treatment →Assembly →Quality inspection → Packing →Shipping


Production Flow:
Drawing/ or samples → Mould making →Die casting and other processes →Get samples and send samples to customer for confirm → Mass Production ( casual inspection avoid unintentional situation) → QC → Packing →Shipping →Cycle to next order


Surface Treatment (Optional by customer):
Polishing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Galvanizing, Chrome plating
Anodizing , Real gold coating, Imitation gold.

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