PET double-sided release film _PET double-sided silicone oil film performance

Release film performance
1. There is no migration phenomenon, which eliminates the risk of the silicone release film being transferred to the material it is in contact with;
2. The tolerance of the unit area weight of the single-sided or double-sided coating of the release film is very small;
3. The base film has excellent mechanical strength and chemical properties;
4. It has high stability under extreme conditions, and the high temperature resistance can reach 130 °C in a long time, and can reach 180 °C in 1 hour.
5. Longer shelf life;
6. The release type release PET is classified into a light release type, a medium release type, and a heavy release property by the change of the mobility of silicon and the peeling force after heating, and the release force can be controlled according to requirements, and the heat resistance is good.
The release film has different thicknesses for customers to choose. The general application thickness is: 0.019mm/0.025mm/0.038mm/0.05mm/0.075mm/0.1mm/0.188mm. The product has light, medium and heavy separation type. Different release forces are suitable for bonding different adhesive tapes or films 'PET double-sided release film _ PET double-sided silicone oil film performance

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