Vacuum pump maintenance and repair

Wuhan Pusite Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006 , is located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Optics Valley, mainly involved in vacuum, low temperature, magnetic, electrical measurement and other fields. It is the first vacuum product sales and maintenance in Hubei Province. The maintenance of the professional company, while also independently researching material physical measurement system and vacuum non-standard system, has a professional team trained by the original factory, from the company's founding to the present, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the maintenance of vacuum pumps .

Vacuum pump repair and maintenance method  

After the vacuum pump has been used for a long period of time, the vacuum pump will have the following problems:
Vacuum pump exhaust smoke
Vacuum pump injection, oil leakage
Vacuum pump noise exceeds the standard
Vacuum is reduced
5. The
phenomenon that the vacuum pump is hot

If the vacuum pump problem is not serious, the vacuum pump can be disassembled by itself, and the vacuum pump can be cleaned and assembled after replacing the wearing parts of the vacuum pump to achieve the purpose of maintaining the vacuum pump.
Proper maintenance of the vacuum pump can reduce the difficulty of vacuum pump maintenance. The vacuum pump should be properly maintained to better use the vacuum pump. Here are some suggestions for vacuum pump maintenance:
1. The
vacuum pump should be installed in a clean and clean environment. It should not be contaminated with dust, water, water and high temperature.
2. For the
first time installation of the vacuum pump, check whether the motor is rotating forward, that is, the motor and the inner rotor of the pump are in the same direction. Generally, the motor is marked with the normal running direction of the motor.
Before starting the vacuum pump for a long time, the vacuum pump should be started several times intermittently.
After using the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump should be placed
When the vacuum pump is running, the oil temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees. If the cause of the malfunction, please contact the vacuum pump manufacturer immediately.
If the vacuum pump has potential dangers such as inhalation of impurities, dust, moisture, chemicals, etc., a precision filter should be installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump. If the amount of impurities, dust, and water is too large, a piggy bank must be installed for filtration. To prevent impurities such as dust and moisture chemicals from entering the vacuum pump
If the vacuum pump needs to run for 24 hours, the vacuum pump must be repaired and repaired every six months.
8. The
normal operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump should be maintained not lower than the oil reticle oil, the oil should be at the mirror 2/3, refueling, mixing with different grades prohibited, vacuum pump oil models used.
9. The
vacuum pump oil should be replaced regularly. Generally, it should be replaced once every 3~6 months. If the pump oil is found to be emulsified or carbonized, the special oil for the vacuum pump should be replaced in time.

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