Air conditioning maintenance, beware of "hidden rules"!

Summer is the use of high-heat air-conditioning period, high practical frequency is bound to be a problem, once the air-conditioning is broken, take out the repair because they do not know what to do? No, today, Xiao Bian has brought you three non-regular military charges for nirvana. Interested partners may wish to take a look together.
One of the unspoken rules: small problems such as big problems, such as the sensor on the circuit board is out of order, air conditioning does not work, a sensor can solve the problem, the cost is only a few dollars, but the maintenance staff will say that the circuit board Bad, change the circuit board. The repairman moved the air conditioner back and replaced the sensor and sent it back for several hundred dollars. The unspoken rules II: The charges are several times higher than the cost, such as air-conditioning and fluoride, because the price department does not specify the prices for the snow types (note: refer to fluorine and other refrigerants, industry terms), and the market must increase the fee for adding fluorine to hundreds of yuan. In fact, as long as the price of fluorine does not increase by a few yuan or one kilogram, plus the labor cost, the cost of adding a fluorine only needs about tens of yuan. In recent years, the increase in the price of fluorine has been relatively higher. Unspoken rules III: Parts recovery and reuse Air-conditioning parts are mostly common, and the maintenance department uses a part of the entrusted company's parts, and some of them come in wholesale from the outside market. Tips for making more money are concentrated on accessories, such as transfer fees, which are said to be between 20 and 50 yuan. Actually, this fee does not stop at this time. Air conditioners are inevitably damaged during the transfer process. Even if they are not bad, they must think of ways to allow customers to change one. You can use the price of the aluminum tube to collect the copper tube, or collect the copper tube that the customer does not want when relocating the tube and repair it to the next customer. Last reminder: Maintenance supervision, maintenance of evidence after repair If you have to carry your air conditioning or maintenance, looking for leaflets, then you better read this post several times, remember these, and in addition you have to pay attention Or just tell the master, my air-conditioning freon just changed, do not break the copper pipe, just cleaned last week, hit the needle, tell him, you are not a layman, I have been shot. Faced with the so-called "hidden rules" of air-conditioning maintenance, we must learn more knowledge to protect our rights and interests, and say "no" to the unspoken rules! .

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