Can't see the indoor light pollution must be resolved

The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to find light. To be honest, this is simply a betrayal of the night. However, the fact is that it is very difficult to find dark nights nowadays. "Brightness" has brought us a richer and more convenient life while also causing serious light pollution. You can't sit idly by and ignore it. It's all caused by your head. How do you deal with light pollution?

1, the lamp bulb wattage big eyes do not dry

The endless stream of electronic products, many people accompanied by eye fatigue, mild myopia and other symptoms, so I hope to improve the lighting wattage of the home, the pursuit of clear and bright effects. This practice will not only increase electricity bills, but will also have adverse effects on human health and will not be worth the candle. For example, if the wattage of the desk lamp on the desk is too high, the symptoms of dry eyes and pain will appear for a period of time. This is the hidden danger caused by the light pollution from decoration, and the learning and work efficiency will be greatly reduced.

How to deal with indoor decoration light pollution: When selecting the wattage of a lamp, it should be considered according to the space area. 30-40 square meters of space should choose 100-150W light bulb; 15-18 square meters of space, should choose 60-80W light bulb; and less than 15 flat space, then the wattage of the bulb must be reduced accordingly. In addition to selecting a lighting fixture, it is also possible to consider lighting fixtures with multiple wattages to match the lighting and the space will be bright.

2, the light is too messy to form light pollution

In order to pursue romance, it is feasible to use different colors to create different indoor ambiences to decorate the home with colored lamps. However, attention should be paid to the rationality of the lighting layout and avoid miscellaneous lighting. When the lights are too cluttered, the atmosphere created becomes a harm to the body, forming light pollution. Living in disorderly lighting for a long time can easily cause symptoms such as high blood pressure, palpitations, fever, and neurasthenia.

How to deal with indoor decoration light pollution: The same space, the color of the light is recommended not to exceed 3 kinds, the light color is best similar, such as white and beige, the light should be soft. Choosing the right lighting helps protect the health of the family’s eyesight and improves work and learning efficiency.

3, the light has a high degree of home to lighten

The crystal chandelier can bring unexpected effects to the interior, but it is by no means the crystal chandelier that everyone can choose. It also depends on the height of the house. Be sure to choose lamps that are of a high level, do not add burden to the floor that is not high, and bring pressure to the tenants.

How to deal with indoor decoration light pollution: less than three meters of space is not suitable for the use of long pole chandelier and crystal lamp, lamp area should not exceed 2-3% of the room, if the smaller lighting can not meet the indoor lighting needs, can also be appropriate Add floor lamps, desk lamps and other auxiliary lamps.

4, lighting installation has to pay attention to waste of resources can not have

If you choose the right color and wattage, then the installation location must be mentioned. The right light fixture must also be installed in the right position to play a role. Some people like spotlights, and they install spotlights in various places such as restaurants and living rooms, so that the space is surrounded by various beams. When they are actually used, they find that spotlights do not play the role of imagination. In the end, the chandeliers were replaced and the spotlights were left vacant, wasting resources.

How to deal with indoor decoration light pollution: a large area of ​​the living room, dining room and bedroom can choose chandeliers; a small area of ​​the ceiling light is more practical; if you want to emphasize a location, such as TV background wall, wine cabinets, decorative cabinets, etc. , you can choose the spotlight; corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms can choose the wall lamp.

Interior decoration lighting installation

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