New Chinese Style Home Decoration Features New Chinese Style Home Decoration Design

Although young people in the urban areas are now more accustomed to wearing suits and drinking wine, the influence of traditional Chinese culture on us is also ingrained, and even the use of Chinese elements in home decoration will be applied. New Chinese style home improvement is the traditional sense of Chinese culture in the current era. Under the background of interpretation, contemporary design with full understanding of contemporary Chinese culture is elegant, subtle, and dignified. Then, Xiaobian will introduce the characteristics of the new Chinese style home decoration and the new Chinese style home decoration design.

New Chinese style home improvement features

1, as a Chinese style decoration style and other Western, Southeast Asia and other decoration styles are also very different, the first to create a different cultural atmosphere, each decoration style has its specific cultural background as a support, in order to pass In the pursuit of people’s lives in a particular cultural atmosphere, the new Chinese classicism style is based on traditional Chinese classical culture. It is a living space that is full of Chinese romantic atmosphere. Redwood, blue and white porcelain, Zisha teapots, and some mahogany crafts are all embodied. The rich beauty of the East is the difference between the New Chinese classicism style and other styles. This minimalist style permeates the civilization of Oriental Huaxia for thousands of years, so both Chinese and foreigners like the new Chinese style of decoration very much. It is not only timeless, but the longer the time becomes, the more charming it is. Oriental charm.

2, the new Chinese style is very particular about the spatial sense, in the need to insulate the line of sight, the use of Chinese-style screens or windows, Chinese style wooden doors, process partitions, simplified Chinese-style "bogu frame", through this new separation method, Unitary homes show the beauty of Chinese homes. Then based on some simple shapes, Chinese elements were added to make the overall space more plentiful, large but not empty, thick and not heavy, with style not significantly suppressed.

3, the new Chinese style furniture with classical furniture or modern furniture combined with classical furniture, Chinese classical furniture represented by the Ming and Qing furniture, in the new Chinese-style furniture accessories more concise Ming-style furniture, simple, relatively simple .

New Chinese-style home design living room design

Because the Chinese-style color is generally more elegant and bleak, large spaces and high-rises are the basic elements of Chinese design. If the indoor area is not large enough, the Chinese style will be slightly dim and oppressive. This open living room is very suitable for Chinese style structure, space is open, squarely. The large lotus on the wall of the TV, a touch of pink dotted the entire space.

New Chinese style home design restaurant design

Solid wood dining table and dining chair, generous dining chair back carved beautiful atmosphere. The Chinese style sash on the sliding door seems to push it away into the secluded courtyard. If it weren’t for Western-style cutlery on the table that exposed the times, it would really be thought that this was the late Qing Dynasty restaurant.

New Chinese style home design hall design

There is no complicated decoration in the foyer, and the simplicity and generosity are also characteristics of Chinese style. Hollow carved screens separate the foyer from the living room, and the access to the interior is also decorated with a lattice frame. Simple ceilings with several black lines divide the hall, passage and living room.

New Chinese style home design balcony design

Putting such a set of antique tables and chairs on the balcony and making a pot of good tea is an excellent place to hold a tea party. The place does not need to be too big, but it must be bright and comfortable. Unlike the design in the room, this balcony has more modern elements. The wooden ceiling, the black thick-striped walls and the flower pots in the corner all make the balcony look “Western style”.

The design of the master bedroom of the new Chinese home improvement design

The traditional Chinese-style bed must not have a comfortable modern bed, so it is better to choose antique style. The large ink painting on the bedside is still the most vivid decoration of the room, and two small spotlights make the picture much brighter. Placing a rug on the cold floor tiles will look warm and comfortable. The two-circle crystal pendant on the chandelier is the most "modern" element in the room.

New Chinese home design study design

The Chinese-style study must be antique, antique tables and chairs and shelf is essential, but also must have four treasures. If you can really write calligraphy, then it's even better to have your own inkpad.

Editor's summary: The new Chinese-style home improvement features and the new Chinese home improvement design are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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