Black leather sofa how to clean leather sofa and fabric sofa

How about a black leather sofa ? In current family life, most people have sofas in their homes. The sofas are divided into leather sofas, fabric sofas, and other kinds of sofas. Of course, the most common ones are leather sofas and fabric sofas. Species. In the use of sofas, the use of sofas will inevitably lead to contamination of the sofa. At this time, it is necessary to clean and clean the sofa. Then how to clean the leather sofa and how to wash the fabric sofa? Here are two ways to introduce it. Sofa cleaning method.

The material used on the surface of the leather sofa is animal skin or artificial leather. The surface of the skin is very smooth, and the texture is fine. Generally, the water cannot penetrate. The ordinary stain is also easily washed out. The towel can be used to control the test in time. Clean; and sometimes encounter stubborn stains, you can choose to use detergents such as detergent to clean, after the stain is cleaned, you need to use the water to control the original stain again to dilute Washing residue.

Leather sofa in the usual still have to pay more attention to maintenance, but it is a leather sofa need regular use of special oil for smearing, so that the leather can be fully maintained, so that the use of a longer time.

The other is the fabric sofa cleaning, fabric sofa cleaning and leather sofa cleaning is not the same, because the surface of the fabric sofa is a layer of anti-woven fabric, this cloth is also removable, but under normal circumstances will not It is dismantled because it is difficult to put it on.

Cloth sofa cleaning should be on normal time, usually need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface and corner of the sofa, so that fabric sofa can be kept clean for a long time, this frequency is usually every once in a while to be carried out once.

When there is dirt on the surface of the fabric sofa and the area of ​​the stain is not large, you can wipe it against the stain with a damp cloth to see if the stain can be removed. If it is ineffective, you cannot use water at this time. In order to avoid water immersing into the inner layer of the sofa, if other methods of drying or less water are not feasible, it is necessary to remove the sofa cover.

After the sofa cover is removed, it can be directly immersed in water for washing, or it can be used for washing. However, it should be noted that the washing must be washed dry times and no money can be left, otherwise dust will be easily inhaled. Also need to pay attention to the sofa if the elasticity is not very good, then it can not be washed directly at home with a washing machine, it is best closed to the laundry.

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