Old house partially refurbished users tracking log

The simple renovation of the old house is nothing more than a brushed wall paint door. How long does it take? Netizen 1015055ailele recently refurbished the old house, detailed records of the renovation of the walls of the home, cabinets and door painting of the five-day process, we quickly came to watch his decoration log it.

The hero ID: 1015055ailele

Construction progress : wall renovation, cabinets and door painting

Duration: five days

Remodeling ideas

Finally got his own house, need to refurbish it again and do not want to make big changes too complicated, but the wall brush, the color of cabinets and doors are not satisfied, like white, but the original is dark and do not know can cover It's up.

PART1: It's almost going to be renovated

1, before the renovation of the wall and the door : the wall is still very good maintenance, this is just a simple decoration, the door is brown, want to change to white, do not know if it will be a bit difficult.

2. Cabinets before renovation: Like the doors, they are dark brown and turn white. They look forward to decorating master's masterpieces.

  The process of choosing a decoration company

PART2: It took a while to select a decoration company

1, before the choice of tangled: decoration materials environmental protection is not environmentally friendly? Does it contain formaldehyde? Before I heard something that caused health problems due to decoration of formaldehyde. Then is the quality of decoration: there is no cracking off later. The first choice: to find a lot of home on the Internet, originally wanted to choose Nippon Nippon, because Nippon's visibility is relatively high, but after the consultation feels anti-crack off this aspect is not very satisfactory.
2. The final decision: After seeing a company called Shanghai**, the telephone consultant learned that they were free to measure the construction plan and quotation, so they were asked to look at it. I feel that the company’s personnel are more professional and speak more realistically. The company is professionally refurbished and promised to use it for about 15 years. I suggest that I consider it. After doing the measurement, the construction plan and quotation will be available at the time and the phone will be left. After thinking about it for two days, I could call them to start work.

Take a few photos of the finished product below to make an alternative.

Old house decoration old house renovation paint painting works

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