How much does the bathroom decoration trap know?

“A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet,” not to mention the tens of thousands of heads of households who are guilty about their home furnishings. This is a sure thing for my home improvement, but the basic decoration trap is something everyone must pay attention to. In this issue, we will bring you a series of mistakes in bathroom decoration, so that you can avoid the risks and create a comfortable home.

Sharp angle large countertop

Adding trouble to walking The original selection of this countertop was to place some sporadic items, but did not consider the possibility of moving the space after placing the washing machine. Sharp-edged countertops often cause bumps on the body.

Not enough ground slope

There is no shower room installed in the small bathroom such as the water, and I want to make the space beautiful by simple decoration. The slope of the ground that can be close to the floor drain is not enough. It takes a long time for the water on the ground to be cleaned after each shower.

Water pipe goes wrong

When the shower became a neck drain, the worker actually walked the pipe from top to bottom. As a result, when the shower bracket was installed, he did not dare to punch the hole at random, so that the bracket could only be installed in the corner. The inclined tube affects the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Shower curtain design error

The water retaining effect is not good. I don't know what to use in the shower room. It can be used as a stone and shower curtain. However, it should be noted that the stone should have a certain height. The shower curtain should be lower than the stone. When taking a bath, the shower curtain will be pulled into the stone. The red circle on the picture is the wrong way, and it does not play a role in retaining water.

Bathtub usage is not high

Many families use the bathtub once a year, and most of them are used to make clothes. The price of the jacuzzi is not high, but the utilization rate is not high. It is not environmentally friendly to wash one person in a tank of water. The general family does not recommend installation. It is good to buy a small ordinary bathtub for children who like to take a bath. Don't spend any money. The bathtub is also more difficult to clean.

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