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Citrine plays a very important role in the world of gemstones. Ornaments with yellow crystals can be used to attract unexpected windfalls. Citrine corresponds to the human body's sun wheel, which helps the digestive system of the stomach. The effect of topaz is more than just these. The following small series describes the efficacy and precautions of the topaz .

·The effect of yellow crystal

1. Lord is wealthy. Citrine emits yellow cosmic energy, commonly known as the stone of wealth.

2. The mild yellow light can inject harmonious motivation into people's hearts and strengthen their aura. It is full of confidence and joy. Huang Guang is the manifestation of the most powerful energy in the "material world." Therefore, the energy of yellow crystals strongly corresponds to material and wealth.

3. And Citrine combines the strength of the spirit with the body, establishes and maintains one's spiritual strength, teaches people down-to-earth, and enhances their ability to implement. It can bring about partial finances, can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, and yellow light can affect material life and wealth, and can create unexpected wealth. It is an indispensable recruiting treasure for service-oriented commercial companies and businesses, and has a wealth-raising effect. effect.

·Citrine corresponding to the vein

1. The main umbilical round of yellow crystals has the function of relieving nervousness and helping digestive system such as stomach and stomach. Therefore, placing crest crystals in the financial position of a home or an office can greatly enhance wealth.

2. The vibration frequency of its energy affects the human solar plexus. It is the intellectual body, and the main wealth can be used to create unexpected wealth. The energy of Citrine, corresponding to the sun in the human body, is the amount of projective energy that belongs to Japan and is a fire. It corresponds to the sun wheel and belongs to the intellectual body.

·Citrine Note

When wearing a yellow crystal bracelet, the most important thing is to keep it carefully and avoid damage.

Citrine should not be exposed to prolonged exposure. The long exposure of synthetic yellow crystals will fade.

Citrine jewelry is recommended to wear after a long wearing time;

Information on the efficacy of Citrine was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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