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The color styles of the closet doors are various, but after all, they are only articles on the door. In the era of home integration, the closet doors have officially launched the cabinets, floors and beds that match the closet doors. Bookcases, etc., for consumers, as long as they like their favorite colors, they can choose products that are extremely uniform in home style. From the wall to the ground and the furniture used, there is no need to painstakingly rush for the decoration of home decoration. In the major building materials market.

Nowadays, in the decoration market, there are many closet door businesses, and how can you pick a cost-effective closet door in many commercial houses? pointed out that in addition to the selection of styles, the most important thing is to look at the material of the product.

First, the frame and track. At present, the frame materials used in the wall cabinet doors are aluminum alloy, carbon steel material, aluminum titanium alloy and magnesium titanium alloy. The latter two materials are the most durable. The thickness of such a frame is generally 1 mm, and the thickness below this thickness is difficult to guarantee in terms of service life. The quality of the track also directly affects the effect of sliding. It is understood that at present, the track of the closet door has two types of cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track.

The second is the pulley, whether the cabinet door can be used for a long time, the key is the quality of the pulley. The cabinet door usually achieves a height of 2.4 meters or more. The door leaf is wider and its own weight is very large. If the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, the service life will be greatly affected. At present, the material of the pulleys on the market generally has two kinds of plastic pulleys and glass fiber pulleys. The plastic pulley is hard, but it is easy to be broken. It will become awkward and hard when used for a long time. The push-pull feel becomes poor and the price is cheaper. The fiberglass pulley has good toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding and durability. Consumers must be aware of the material of the pulley when purchasing.

Third, the thickness of the door panel, the wood panel of the cabinet door, it is best to choose a thickness of 8 mm to 12 mm, which is more stable and durable to use, and the thickness of the glass is generally 5 mm to 10 mm, too thick and Too thin will lead to insecure use.
The fourth is the sealing property. In order to ensure that the two doors are staggered and closed, all the sliding door products will have a space. The general external pulley needs a spacing of 15 mm, which affects the sealing of the sliding door. Although most products have tops, the gaps in the size and gap of the tops used in different products are still relatively large. Try to choose products with small spacing and tight tops.

Of course, the quality is good or bad, and there is no evidence, and on-site inspection is very important. A good closet door is neither too light nor too heavy when sliding, but has a certain weight of the door, no vibration when sliding, smooth and textured.

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