Dongjia Furniture teaches you how to buy high-end solid wood furniture

Dongjia Furniture follows the latest store design of the new Southeast Asian style furniture and the elegant and restrained elegance. The combination of overall color and soft lighting creates a warm and elegant atmosphere, elegant and comfortable, elegant and unique!
As a high-end furniture brand, “East” is the ultimate interpretation of modern “life and pursuit”, highlighting the warm and romantic theme of the room, full of personality, keeping up with fashion, and deeply embodying classical new ideas, combining Southeast Asian style with modern fashion style. Every subtle design of it follows the pulse and fashion trends of the times, and it shines brightly and glamorously at the combination of tradition and modernity.
1. Selection points to see wood grain and enamel knots Nowadays, there are dozens of tree species used in high-end furniture sold on the market. Among them, eucalyptus, eucalyptus and ash are the most expensive, and the corresponding prices are also high. In the choice of style, because the solid wood high-end furniture is durable, it is more sensible to choose a style that is neither trendy nor outdated. Solid wood high-end furniture has natural wood texture, a good solid wood board, you see a pattern from the front, open the door, the corresponding position can also see the same pattern. Similarly, pure solid wood panels generally have a knotted position and a knot on the other side.
2. Buying skills three to see two touches and one pressure first depends on the material. Generally good solid wood high-end furniture, after opening the door and drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear, the texture is tight and delicate. At the same time, good solid wood high-end furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer. Look at the components. When buying solid wood high-end furniture, you should carefully check the parts of the furniture, such as the sofa legs, columns, and load-bearing bars that are close to the ground between the columns to ensure that there are no large knots or cracks or cracks. Finally, look at the place of origin. If the moisture content of solid wood high-end furniture is higher than 1% of the average moisture content of the use area, cracking, deformation, loose frame, warpage, etc. may occur. Therefore, it is best to buy high-end furniture produced by a dry-process brand.
Then there is the smoothness of the touch surface. The surface of the high-end furniture with good solid wood is flat and there will be no protrusions. If you touch the corners of high-end furniture, if there is any phenomenon such as roughness and excessive paint, it means the processing technique is poor. . There is also the choice of solid wood high-end furniture, to lightly press the various points of the furniture, such as the column angle, drawer or shelf support, etc., the test is stable.

Structural Insulated Panels are high performance thermal efficient composite panels which consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between for walls, roofs and floors in new residential and commercial buildings.

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Advantages to use SIPs:
1. Architectural Benefits
         High quality construction method.
        Comfortably warm, clean, and quiet.
2. Cost Benefits 
        Equal or lower first costs.
        Lower long term operating costs.
        Incentives available from utility service provider for energy efficient design.
        Lower maintenance costs for you.
3. Construction Process Benefits 
        Easy to construct, with short learning curve.
        60% shorter construction time
        Quick turnaround time for greater satisfaction.
         Increased builders production capacity.
4. Environmental Benefits 
         50% less framing lumber.
         50% more energy efficient.
          Requires less room at building site (less site disturbance).
          Less construction waste.

structural insulated panels are prefabricated systems used primarily for walls and roofs. SIPs employ composite materials, reduce waste through modular construction methods, achieve high insulation values, and may be used instead of many conventional building methods.

Structural Insulated Panels

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