Heilongjiang Province furniture exports mixed with expert advice and adjustment strategy

According to Harbin Customs statistics, the total value of furniture exports in Heilongjiang Province in the first half of this year was 360 million US dollars, an increase of 31.1% over the same period of last year, accounting for 4.4% of the province's total export value during the same period, ranking sixth in the province's major export commodities.
The export of furniture in our province, the market share of Europe and the United States, the relevant person analysis, said that due to the gradual weakening of the impact of the financial crisis, the demand for office and civilian furniture in the European and American markets is increasing, and the furniture exported by our province is cheap and has certain The price advantage can also be processed and produced separately according to the special requirements of the order, and is deeply loved by the European and American markets, thus promoting the rapid growth of furniture export in our province.
Analysts believe that although the current furniture export situation in Heilongjiang Province is good, there are still constraints in the future of furniture exports that cannot be ignored. First, the price advantage is gradually weakened. The rising import prices, transportation and labor prices of logs have led to an increase in production costs and a decrease in profits. However, there are many difficulties in transferring costs through the increase of export prices. Second, the trade barriers to be suffered will become more and more demanding. Since July 1, 2011, the United States "Standards on Composite Wood Products Formaldehyde" has been officially implemented. The bill once again reduces the amount of formaldehyde released in the sale and wholesale of wood products throughout the United States and is currently the most demanding standard in the world. The industry expects that 30%-40% of export enterprises in the wood products manufacturing industry will be affected, and the comprehensive cost of raw materials will increase by 5%-7%.
To this end, experts suggest to play the role of industry associations, establish a regular information release system, help enterprises grasp the export situation, adjust business strategies, avoid low-price competition, reduce internal consumption; promote industrial upgrading, build leading enterprises, and focus on research and development with independent intellectual property rights, Humanized, high-tech materials, furniture products with superior environmental performance, improve product added value and international competitiveness; establish and improve product quality control and certification system, strengthen procurement management of raw materials, respond to foreign technical trade barriers; continue to play Russia's port convenience advantages, innovative market expansion methods, encourage qualified enterprises to set up factories abroad, extend the industrial chain; actively participate in industry and trade exhibitions, increase publicity, and constantly enhance the brand image and market influence of enterprises and products.

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