How to hang ceiling brand knowledge Baolan ceiling

In the field of ceilings, there are still many good product brands in the country, such as the Baolan Ceiling produced by Zhejiang Baolan Electric Co., Ltd. It is very good. Xiao Bian today just like everybody detailed introduction about Borland ceiling, so you really know how this kind of problem Borland ceiling.

Baolan ceiling introduction

Baolan Ceiling is a product of Zhejiang Bagan Electric Co., Ltd. Baolan Electric (Baolan Integrated Ceiling) is a world leader in electric heating, home appliances and high-quality living. It has bathroom integrated tops, kitchen integrated tops, Yuba, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, gas cookers, etc. In order to provide quality home life solutions, we have two major technology research and development and marketing teams in China and Europe; we are striving to create fashionable and diversified products and vow to reshape China's home taste culture. As a result, many consumers have continued to benefit from it, and have fully enjoyed the enjoyment of the kitchen and bathroom space brought by “human technology, quality models”.

Bao Lan ceiling price

Bao Lan integrated ceiling price is generally 100 yuan to 180 yuan, the general installation cost is about 35 yuan / square meter, the edge is 12-18 yuan / meter, accessories are 17 yuan / square meter. However, different ceiling prices are also different. Here are a few ceiling prices, but the specific price is based on the store.

Polan Integrated ceiling - Cremona: ¥145.00/sqm

Baolan Integrated ceiling type D BLK300Z-02: ¥158.00/sqm

Baolan Integrated ceiling H-BLK600Z-1A: ¥256.00/sqm

Polan Integrated ceiling BLK600Z-0A: ¥199.00/sqm

Polan integrated ceiling BLK600Z-1A: ¥276.00/sqm

In home furnishings, any one component is not furnished. In the production of integrated ceilings in Baolan, each process and every detail has its care for the actual interests of consumers, aiming to enable low-income people in the city to enjoy the high-quality, low-priced Baolan integrated top product.

The above is related to the description of Baolan Ceiling and I hope it will be useful to you. On the whole, Baolan integrated ceiling has always adhered to the quality promises of human science and technology and quality models, and created high-quality life enjoyment and experience for more than 10 million families worldwide. High-tech technology and humanized design make Baolan integrated ceilings widely praised by consumers from all walks of life. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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