Furniture sofa buy skills buy sofa does not ask for help

Many people waited until the house was renovated before they went to buy a furniture sofa. In fact, when we started the renovation, we would select a furniture sofa to determine the style of decoration and achieve a harmonious unity of furniture and decoration style. Then what skills should we pay attention to when purchasing furniture sofas? The following Xiaobian will share with you some furniture sofa purchasing skills and look forward to helping you.

Furniture sofa to buy a skill

Before we go to buy a sofa, we must first measure the size and go to the store with the size. Otherwise, the problem that the selected sofa cannot be placed, or the effect of the placement, may be poor. For a small-sized apartment, you can choose a relatively small sofa. If you are in a large living room, then you must choose a more atmospheric sofa. It is best to have a matching sofa.

Furniture sofa purchase skills II

Everyone should not only consider the appearance when choosing sofa furniture, but also whether it is coordinated with our decoration style. In fact, there are many types of sofas, all kinds of styles, different styles of the house, the choice of sofa is certainly not the same. If the sofa style is not selected, it is like a person wearing a clothes that is not suitable for them.

Furniture sofa purchase skills three

The sofa we bought was definitely not thrown away for a period of time. It usually takes three or five years. So the durability of the sofa is an important factor for us to consider. It is recommended that you end up buying a brand of sofa. This is not only a guarantee of quality, but also very environmentally friendly.

Furniture sofa purchase skills four

In addition, we also need to consider the life of the spring in the purchase of the sofa, in life we ​​have to see if there is a child on the sofa after the jump, the sofa collapsed and returned for a long time, then we are choosing It takes some more stretchy sofas to bring us a better experience.

Having said so much, I believe we have a general understanding of the purchase of sofas. The above are some suggestions for me to purchase on the sofa. If you have any problems in the decoration or furniture purchase, you can pay attention to our Qijia information!

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Rockwool Felt

Description:Rockwool FELT is a kind of insulation materials with chosen high-quality natural rock as the main raw materials,such as basalt,dolomite,melted in the cupola,centrifugate into fiber in high speed by four rollers centrifuger and sparying a certain amount of binder,dust proof oil and moisture repel.

ROCKWOOL FELT have higher strength and better elasticity. The folded rock wool board with certain compression resistance has greater drawing strength, and it does not tend to peel off and has greatly improved durability. 

 The Advantage of Fireproof Rock Wool Insulation and Mineral Wool Insulation 

1) Small coefficient of heat conductivity and good capability of heating preservation; 

2) Excellent fireproof capability, Excellent sound absorption and sound insulation capability; 

3) Green building materils and no harm for body; 

4) The rock wool has higher and better elasticity; 

5)The folded rock wool board with certain compression resistance has greater drawing strength, and it does not tend to peel off and has greatly improved durability. 

6)The felt can be with wire or glassfiber for reinforced.

7)The size can be 1m or 1.2m width,length can be made according to client's request.

Rockwool Felt

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