Kiwifruit cold and antifreeze in advance to deal with

The kiwifruit variety is harvested and will enter the dormant period after November. In order to ensure high yields in the coming year, the cold and anti-freeze measures at this stage need to be done well in advance.

Before the reminder and rational fertilization, the kiwifruit should be well protected against cold and antifreeze. The key is to pay attention to the usual management, especially the rational fertilization. The fertilization should be carried out according to the principle of “pre-emergence and post-control”, that is, the germination stage of spring kiwifruit should be topdressed and fattened. After August, nitrogen fertilizer should be controlled. The kiwifruit has just been harvested. Before the kiwifruit leaves, it is the best time for the autumn basal fertilizer. The fruit farmers should seize this opportunity, apply more farmyard manure, organic fertilizer and bacterial fertilizer, increase the input of bacterial fertilizer, and increase the amount of fertilizer. Elemental fertilizer, which is conducive to the preservation of fruit trees, the cultivation of strong roots and strong tree.

Apply dry before winter, starting from the month before the winter solstice, use lime and stone sulphur mixture plus tree protection generals to whiten the branches or apply anti-cold and antifreeze agents on the fruit trees, which can reduce the temperature difference between the sun and the skin in the sun-facing surface. And the damage suffered.

If the smoke is cold, if there is extreme cold weather, the fruit grower can set a smoke point every 15 meters in the direction of the windward of the orchard, ignite the wet wheat, leaves and weeds to smoke, and use the smoke to dispel the cold. Heat dissipation to prevent freezing damage.

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