What kind of car paint paint car maintenance maintenance

Nowadays, cars are no longer a luxury. Almost every family has a car. In order to make its appearance more conspicuous and to reduce the usual damage, most of it will be painted on it, but due to its many types, everyone When the purchase is very blind, the following Xiaobian will give you a description of the type of car paint .

What kind of car paint

1, ordinary paint

This kind of paint is relatively single, without other colors, the cost is relatively low, but the whole body looks more monotonous, there will be no bright luster in the sunlight, but always constant, suitable for some pairs The pure color of the more demanding owners.

2, metallic paint

This style is doped with metal crushed pieces, can change the car color or profile through different orientations and light, and it is also very hard, not easy to be scratched, the whole body looks very There are grades, is a paint more commonly used by cars.

3, pearlescent paint

This is the current trend of a class of automotive finishes. It is similar to metallic paints, but it reflects more light, is a pearl-like astigmatism, and each color is viewed from different angles. Different colors, it will give people a new feeling.

Car paint maintenance tips

First, car paint oxide water marks

If it is a lighter oxidation, it can be removed by waxing. If the oxidation is serious, it must be ground, polished, and then waxed. After each rain, apply fresh water to dilute the body's acid rain. .

Second, baking cracks

Regular waxing is a good way to reduce cracks. If the cracks are small, they can be removed by waxing the cracks that are invisible to the naked eye.

Summary: In daily life, we will see a variety of color cars, are very eye-catching, in fact, good or bad car body, mainly due to the finish paint, so we must be cautious in the choice, the above is about the car paint type Which content, I hope you will like it.

Car paint

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