Reasonable watering method for cucumber

Watering should be carried out according to the growth requirements of cucumber, soil moisture and climate.

The first is to look at the growth of water. The leaves are shiny, green and flat, and the hoe is stretched, indicating that the water is normal. The faucet was not displayed, and the leaf bag was tight, indicating lack of water. The growth point is tight, and flower topping occurs, indicating severe water shortage. Observe the water condition by observing the plant condition and watering it at the right time.

The second is to watch the weather watering. During the day, watering in winter or early spring should be placed in the morning. It is generally not suitable to water in the afternoon or evening, especially in cloudy and snowy days. Otherwise, the humidity may be too large, causing serious diseases. It is not suitable for watering at noon to avoid high temperature pouring. Water affects the ecosystem function of the roots. In the late spring and summer, you should choose to water in the morning and evening. At this time, the weather is hot, and the greenhouse can be ventilated day and night to cool down.

The third is to adopt water saving measures. In the case of cucumber, the mulching film is used, and the drip irrigation under the film can change the roots and roots caused by the traditional flood irrigation, and can also reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, reduce the humidity of the air, and avoid the occurrence of vegetable diseases. .

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