Several Methods of Discriminating Authenticity of Suspended Assembly Floor

Reading: Currently, the suspended assembling flooring industry is in a state of flourishing. Because of the fiery industry, some speculative people will inevitably enter this industry and get some trouble to fool consumers. So if you have the need to buy a floating assembly floor, let's take a look at our article.

Several Methods of Discriminating Authenticity of Suspended Assembly Floor

In order to avoid everyone being selected by some "defective" flicker. Shijiazhuang Bochao Flooring Technology Co., Ltd. has organized several ways for you to identify the authenticity of suspended assembly flooring:

1, see: see the surface of the floor there is no cracks, bubbles and other undesirable phenomena, suspended assembly floor in addition to the color of the floor, if the raw material production of the product will be better gloss.

2, touch: If it is a good product, it not only has good flexibility and its hardness is also more suitable, if the product only has flexibility, it can not meet the ball's rebound effect, if the product is only perfect, then the floor is very brittle, hard. Cracks are prone to affect the life of the floor.

3, smell: If the product has a pungent taste, the quality of such products is not guaranteed.

4. Weight: As many unscrupulous merchants on the market of suspended assembling flooring currently, in order to reduce costs, adding talc and calcium carbonate to the material, these materials can easily affect the quality of the floor. If the feel is heavy, you can determine The addition of calcium carbonate and other elements to the floor may even affect the expansion and contraction rate of the suspended assembly floor, causing waves to appear in the entire site soon after use.

5, flatness: You can use two pieces of suspension assembled sports floor assembly together, touch by hand to see whether the surface of the floor has a significant sense of concavity and convexity, if there is no obvious sense of concavity, then the product as a qualified product.

6, pattern: In the pattern, the pattern of marketing recognition only millet character, double MiG, flat. Other asymmetrical or symmetrical framing costs will be greatly reduced. Mi Zi is the most suitable flower pattern for sport. It is a multi-functional type. The pattern is beautiful and not prominent, and it is not easy to damage the skin after a fall.

The laying of suspended assembling floors for sports playgrounds can reduce the degree and probability of injury during sports or activities. Compared with cement floors and asphalt suspended floors, it can provide better shock absorption and anti-slip performance. If you have the need for suspension assembly flooring and do not understand the problem, you can contact us, we will give you the most satisfactory service.

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