Zhongshan Hengyi Electronics teaches you to choose high quality lightning arrester

Nowadays, the quality of lightning protection devices on the market has been improved. Most manufacturers will choose to use the most advanced technology. Now that domestic equipment prices are not too high and the price/performance ratio is better, most buyers will directly choose domestically produced ones. Brand. However, after all, there are many similar products. How do we compare them?

First, choose regular brand products. The lightning protection device is directly related to the daily security, so its quality must be guaranteed, and the price of such equipment itself is not high, as long as it can cooperate with the regular brand manufacturers, product quality is guaranteed. Regular brands will undergo rigorous inspections and protect the rights of consumers.

Second, wholesale and factory cooperation are more cost-effective. If it is necessary to purchase lightning protectors in large quantities, it is best to be able to directly cooperate with manufacturers. The price of factory direct sales is even lower, and there is also high-quality after-sales service protection. If there really is any quality problem, there is a special person to deal with and there is no need to worry about it.

The HY01-WL-25KDXn series surge protector (arrester) manufactured by Guangdong Hengyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the principle of equipotentiality to handle the lightning pulse current. Through the role of the arrester, the lightning pulse current is handled in the surge arrester by potential balance. There is no potential difference between the various lines of the protected equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of lightning protection, so its lightning protection effect is excellent and stable, and has nothing to do with the size of the grounding resistor, or even not grounding does not affect the lightning protection effect (but according to the relevant regulations of electricity safety, It is also best to be grounded.) Lightning protection is a special form. The power supply and signal are not interrupted during lightning protection and will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. In order to overcome the shortcomings that other types of arresters can't overcome, to protect the relevant network equipment safe operation, the effect is very satisfactory. Suitable for comprehensive lightning protection of network interfaces and 220V power supply for broadband devices such as digital video cameras and computers. Widely used in factory industrial equipment, mobile communications base stations, microwave communications bureau / station, telecommunications room, factories, civil aviation, finance, securities and other systems protection.


1) Internal potential equalization (isopotential) treatment is used, and the arrester's capacity is completely determined by the arrester, regardless of the grounding.

2) No manual maintenance is required, and the service life and maintenance cost of the product can be greatly extended.

3) Large power, large flow capacity, and fast response.

4) Easy installation, no additional engineering costs, and economic benefits.

Main Specifications:

Power section:

Nominal discharge current: 20KA (8/20uS)

The maximum discharge current: 35KA

Operating voltage: AC220V

Maximum continuous operating voltage: AC275V

Protection level: ≤1300V

Response time: 25nS

Load power: 1500W

Signal section:

Nominal discharge current: 5KA (8/20uS)

The maximum discharge current: 10KA

Interface and Protection Line: RJ45-1/2/3/6

Applicable network: 100MHz

Maximum continuous operating voltage: 2.5V

Protection level: ≤15V

Response time: 20nS

Plastic weight: 0.22kg

Size: 112*109*40mm

No harmful element & environmental friendly. Widely apply to food&beverage cans, like milk poudre cans, tomato paste cans, cheese cans, edible oil cans, pepper cans, sardine fish cans, tuna fish cans, etc.

1. Technical standard: BS EN 10202, DIN EN 10203, GB/T2520 , JIS G3303

2. Steel type: MR, SPCC
3. Thickness: 0.115 - 0.50 mm
4. Width:  600 - 1050 mm
5. Length: 600-1200mm
Tin Coating: ordinary 2.8 or 2.8g and 5.6g or 5.6g, we can produce according to customer's requests

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