ABB Switzerland launches new charging technology

ABB Switzerland launches new charging technology

Swiss power and automation technology company ABB has recently developed a new type of charging technology that can be used to complete the charging of electric buses within 15 seconds. Under current battery technology, Other companies are still unable to implement this technology.

The technology developed by ABB is "Flash Charging", which can quickly charge electric buses with 135 people. A charging station will be established on the bus route with a power of 400 kW. When charging, the vehicle will be connected to the charging station under the laser-controlled moving arm and then charged in 15 seconds. This minimal design helps to improve the urban environment and is not bound by intricate cables that will not affect the surrounding landscape.

ABB's design concept allows the bus to have enough power to travel to the next charging station after a single charge. At the terminal, the bus can be charged for a long time to make it more distant. In addition to quick charging, this system also uses the "TOSA" zero carbon emission solution.

ABB plans to use this technology between Geneva Airport and Palexpo International Convention and Exhibition Center. If the test is passed, it will be a major advance in the public transportation system.

ABB Executive Chief Technology Officer Claes Rytoft said: "By flash charging, we can provide a new generation of electric buses for large-scale urban transportation. This project can be more flexible and cost-effective. Low public transport systems provide options while reducing pollution and noise.”

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