The first batch of safety production volunteers in Fushun City

On June 16th, the city held a launching ceremony for safety production volunteer activities. 186 outstanding employees from Fushun Mining Group and other large industrial enterprises became the first batch of safety production volunteers in the city. They will conduct local accidents on safety production accidents nearby. Remediation governance. Mayor Yan Qingwei and deputy mayor Du Xin attended the launching ceremony.

In January of this year, the State Administration of Work Safety carried out the construction of city-level production safety volunteers and the recruitment of safe production volunteers in some Chinese, provincial and municipal companies. From the Fushun Mining Group and other companies, 186 labor models with excellent professional knowledge of safe production and enthusiastic volunteers, and outstanding scientific and technical workers formed the first team of safety production volunteers in the city.

Du Xin, on behalf of the municipal government, congratulated the official launch of volunteer activities for safety production. He said that the team of production safety volunteers is an important force to promote safe production in the city. It is believed that through the production safety volunteers' dissemination of safe production knowledge, the investigation of hidden dangers and the rectification of unsafe acts, it is bound to be in the city. Formed from top to bottom, "My safety is my responsibility, your safety is my responsibility". We hope that the vast number of cadres and workers of the safety supervision system will work in conjunction with the Party's mass line education and practice activities, go deep into the grassroots, go deep into enterprises, approach the people, and actively explore the institutional mechanisms for safety production volunteers to participate in safety supervision so that their work can be normalized and institutionalized. Realize safety production work "grounding gas" and see actual results.

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