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Common sense analysis of the data used in bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-10-06

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The information used in the bearing is also a very well-known knowledge. Another development of high carbon chromium bearing steel is to properly reduce the hardenability; and apply medium frequency induction heating; rely on limited hardenability and all hardening only harden the surface. It has both infiltration Carbon steel carburizing quenching superior function; also saves the alloy cost of alloy carburized steel and high-grade carburizing heat treatment cost. The use of this steel to make railway bearings has achieved good results.
2. Chromium-free bearing steel Chromium-free bearing steel is a new type of steel that replaces chromium bearing steel developed by China based on domestic resource characteristics; it contains six kinds of steel grades: GSiMnV, GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoVR, GMnMoV and GMnMoVR. They have better hardening. Sex, hardenability, resistance to touch fatigue and wear resistance. Compared with chrome bearing steel; its surface decarburization sensitivity is slightly greater; corrosion inhibition and mechanical processing functions are less advanced; but adopt appropriate methods; replace chromium with such steel Bearing steel production bearings are completely feasible.
3. Carbon bearing steel Foreign bearing steel academic circles believe that the primary effect of alloying elements in bearing steel is to improve hardenability; the primary function of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance is the effect of carbon. Vacuum degassing skills Up to today; carbon steel can achieve great progress in the same degree of pureness; vacuum-degassed high-carbon steel is used for bearings with small wall thickness; its function can fully meet the requirements. There is a trend to further expand the scope of use of carbon steel. .
4. Carburized bearing steel follows the development of high-speed aeroengine; the cracking toughness of fully hardened steel has completely failed to meet the requirements. For this reason, the United States announced the high temperature carburizing bearing steel M50NiL; its cracking toughness is unique; high temperature function high speed function impact The toughness wear resistance and fatigue resistance are very good. Currently, the ultra-M50NiL carburized steel is being studied.
5. Stainless steel in 9Gr18 stainless steel is harmful; foreign research is devoted to reducing the carbon mass fraction to 0.5 to 0.7; improving the induction function of 9Gr18 steel. Currently some countries are nitrogen-containing stainless steel. Research and investment put a lot of effort. US and Germany together to develop a Cronidur30 nitrogen-containing stainless bearing steel; Germany to study a low-nitrogen steel LNS for aero-engine and aerospace bearings; France developed a XD15N high-nitrogen martensitic stainless steel Yu Yuhang Bearing; the United States developed a high-performance carburized stainless steel CSS-42L; also successfully used in aerospace bearings.
6. Ceramic materials used in bearing ceramic materials are mainly Si3N4 and ZrO2 and its series of composite products. It has low density, small conflict factor, unique hardness, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance; moderate impact toughness; medium touch stress There are higher strengths such as fatigue life; so the bearings work in high temperature, high speed, corrosive medium, strong conflict state; ceramic materials are better. The type of ceramic bearings currently has deep groove ball bearings and angular touch ball bearings. And cylindrical roller bearings. There are two types of ceramics that can be completely selected: one is steel inner and outer rings plus ceramic tumbling; it is called composite type, and the other is ferrule and tumbling body. Ceramic; called all-ceramic type. The difficulty in using all-ceramic bearings is that when the shaft is matched, the coefficient of expansion of the data is different.

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