Musk: All Tesla cars will have automatic driving ability

On the morning of September 10th, US electric car manufacturer Tesla (278.48, -3.63, -1.29%) CEO Elon Musk said that driverless cars may travel on the road longer than most people. Expected earlier. He said in Tokyo that Tesla is developing a "full autopilot" technology that it hopes will be applied to the car within five years.

This timetable is much earlier than many experts expected, even earlier than Musk's own expectations. IHS, a US market research company, had expected that driverless cars would not actually be on the road until 2025.

Just last year, Musk also questioned this idea. He told the Financial Times: "I think real driverless cars are difficult to achieve in the short term." Now, he seems to want to surpass this field. Google (581.01, -8.71, -1.48%) and Volvo.

“I think that in the long run, all Tesla cars will have autopilot capabilities,” Musk said.

Driverless cars can save many lives: in 2012 alone, there were 33.561 million people in the United States who died in traffic accidents.

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