Bathroom decoration Feng Shui bathroom feng shui orientation contraindication solution

The best location for the bathroom is the east and southeast of the home. Water supports the five elements of wood in the east and southeast, as long as there are enough windows there, and this is often the sunny part of the house, which helps keep the room dry. The most unfavorable location is the northeast of your home. If possible, it should be avoided, and other locations are unfavorable. However, in many homes, the location of the bathroom is fixed. If the location of the bathroom is found to be poor, it can only be resolved with items to mitigate the negative effects. The feng shui of the bathroom must be noted that its position cannot be inconsistent with the owner.

Direction: "North" is not good

Effect: The water in the northern bathroom can be increased or even submerged. The gas here is calm and static, and there is a risk of stagnation, which will consume your energy.

The solution: planting tall plants to introduce wood energy, thereby draining water energy. The plant brings vitality and vitality, absorbs moisture and produces fresh oxygen.

Direction: "Northeast" is not good

Effect: This is the most undesirable location, because the soil here can destroy the water energy, completely arouse the energy of the place, and may eventually make your health poor.

The solution: the introduction of gold can help the soil and water can coordinate. Put a white pottery bowl of sea salt in the northeast of the room, or put a heavy iron sculpture, or put a safflower in a round iron basin.

Direction: "Southwest" is not good

Solution: If you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest. Western toilets are not very good, but as long as there is no next year, or a girl who is married, there is no need to worry. In order to solve the problem, you can move the toilet and the toilet to the northwest, that is, the range of 壬 or 癸. There should be no toilets in the south. If there is, it is best to move to the east, southeast, and northwest directions. Because the south is the direction of lighting, if the toilet occupies this position, it may affect luck.

In the feng shui of the house, in order to make the toilet not bring the fierceness, it is best to set it in the northwest, southeast, or east (from the center of the house).

Hydraulic Manifold

Hydraulic manifold is a manifold that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It is like a switchboard in an electrical circuit because it lets the operator control how much fluid flows between which components of a hydraulic machinery. For example, in a backhoe loader a manifold turns on or shuts off or diverts flow to the telescopic arms of the front bucket and the back bucket. The manifold is connected to the levers in the operator's cabin which the operator uses to achieve the desired manifold behavior.

Manifold is composed of assorted hydraulic valves connected to each other. It is the various combinations of states of these valves that allow complex control behavior in a manifold.

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Hydraulic Manifold

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