Inductive analysis: Analysis of the causes of nine common bearing problems

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Inductive analysis: Analysis of the causes of nine common bearing problems

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-07-17

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It is not uncommon for the bearing to appear faulty during the operation; therefore, it is not rare to present it. It is a problem; discrimination and disposal are the key points. Today we will explain the common causes of FAG bearings.
1, the bearing temperature is too high: in the organization of the work; the part of the bearing of the device promises a certain temperature; when the hand touches the tissue shell; should not feel the trick is normal; otherwise it indicates that the bearing temperature is too high.
The reason why the bearing temperature is too high is that the smooth oil quality does not meet the demand or the enthalpy change; the smooth oil viscosity is too high, the tissue device is too tight (the gap is lacking), the bearing device is too tight, the bearing race is changed on the shaft or the shell, and the load is over Large, bearing cage or rollover fragmentation.
2, bearing noise: Rolling bearings in the operation promised a subtle work noise; if the sound is too loud or there are abnormal noise or impact sound; then indicate that the bearing is faulty.
The reason for the noise of the rolling bearing is more complicated; 1) it is the external wear of the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Because this is worn, the cooperation between the bearing and the shell, the bearing and the shaft is broken; the axis is deviated from the correct orientation; When the shaft is moving at high speed, abnormal noise occurs. When the bearing is exhausted; its appearance metal falls off; it will also increase the radial gap of the bearing and cause abnormal noise. 2) The bearing is lacking in smoothness; the dry conflict is formed; and the bearing is broken, etc. The movement is static. 3) After the bearing wears loose, the cage is loose and damaged; the damage of the abnormal bearing will also occur. When the rolling bearing is disassembled, the bearing fault and the cause of the damage can be judged according to the damage condition of the bearing.
3. The metal surface of the raceway is detached: the bearing tumbling body and the inner and outer ring raceways all receive the effect of periodic pulsating load; then the contact stress changes during the attack cycle. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value; in the rollover or The inner and outer ring raceway work surface is fatigued and shedding. If the bearing load is too large, this fatigue will be aggravated. Others; the bearing device is not correct, the shaft is tortuous; the raceway will be off the surface. The bearing raceway Excessive shedding will reduce the accuracy of the shaft's work; it will cause tissue oscillations and noise.
4, bearing burns: burned bearings have tempering color on the raceway and roll body. The cause of burns is usually lack of smoothness, smooth oil quality does not meet the demand or transformation; and the bearing device is too tight.
5. Plastic deformation: the bearing raceway and the roller touch surface show uneven pits; clarify the plastic deformation of the bearing. The reason is that the bearing is under the effect of large static load or impact load; The yield limit of the data; this condition usually occurs on bearings that rotate at low speeds.
6, bearing seat crack: the cause of cracks in the bearing seat can be too tight bearing cooperation; bearing foreign or inner ring loose; bearing housing deformation; equipment bearing surface processing is not good.
7. The cage is broken: its cause is smooth lack; the rolling body is broken; the seat is inclined.
8. The metal of the cage adheres to the tumbling body; the reason for the ability is that the tumbling body is stuck in the cage or is lacking in smoothness.
9, the raceway raceway is severely worn: it can be a foreign object falling into the seat; the lack of smooth oil or the smooth oil trademark is not suitable.
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