Application of Refractory Material in Limestone Rotary Kiln

In the limestone rotary kiln, a 25mm thick thermal insulation layer is applied on the inner surface of the cylinder, and the method of mixed casting and masonry using indefinite refractory materials and shaped refractory materials is based on the traditional two-story lining brick masonry. A ceramic fiber insulation layer is added between the lining brick and the cylinder body, and the lining brick is filled and fixed with an unshaped refractory material at the interval between the lining brick and the lining brick in the kiln axial direction. The method uses the heat insulation effect of the heat insulation layer to effectively reduce the surface temperature and the heat loss of the cylinder, and at the same time, reduces the problem that the service life of the lining brick is reduced due to the reasons such as emptying and sliding of the lining brick.

According to the characteristics of the flue gas of the rotary kiln and the characteristics of the production process, the production line adopts a pleated low-pressure long-bag pulsed bag dust collector as the main purification equipment for flue gas discharge from the tail of the rotary kiln, and adopts a cyclone dust collector as a preliminary collection. Dust and ignition dust kiln or bag dust removal system when the backup dust removal facilities.

The introduction of folded fin ceramic cores in a bag dust collector: on the one hand, the use of fin plates to change the direction of movement of the air flow; the large particles of powder cement and concrete dust due to inertia, can not change direction along with the gas, thus Loss of the kinetic energy that continues to fly, settles into the following ash collection hopper; on the other hand, it uses the fins to extend the travel time of the dust through the bag filter and make it gradually settle under the action of gravity. Therefore, the probability that the dust with particle size >40um is trapped and settled when it passes through the fin plate is greater than 90%. Plus the purification of the bag. Dust particles of all sizes can obtain high dust removal efficiency in baghouse dust collectors.

Insulated glass/hollow glass/double glazing glass is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or Reflective Glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant gumming and aluminum spacers which was filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.

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