"Safety Production Flowing Lecture Hall" into the company

In order to further enhance the concept of safety, popularize safety knowledge, and create a good atmosphere for safe production, the Tianjin High-tech Zone Safety Supervision Bureau organized and organized the "Safety Production Flowing Lecture Hall" activity. The first class took the lead in the Tianjin Aerospace Electromechanical Equipment Research Institute.

In order to make this “safety production mobility lecture hall” more targeted and effective, the Gaoxin District Work Safety Supervision Bureau firstly went to the company to understand the actual needs of the company in the early stage of training, and carefully selected the safety production expert lecturer to connect with the company, according to the company’s production. The actual situation of the development of a perfect handout, determine the training content and methods. On June 10, 2014, more than 80 members of the Tianjin Aerospace Electromechanical Equipment Research Institute leadership, middle-level cadres, production team leader, departmental safety officer, and safety production standardization self-evaluation group attended the workshop on safe production knowledge.

Expert lecturers began with typical accidents and described the need for safe production, safety production laws and regulations, implementation of safety responsibilities, risk identification and control, safety training, and management of related parties. In conjunction with the actual situation of the company, the dangers of machinery and equipment were explained. Protection management.

Through this training, leaders at all levels of the company and safety management personnel recognized their respective deficiencies in safety production management and the direction to be improved. The leader of the production team has a deeper understanding of the responsibility for the safe production of the position, the risks of the machinery and equipment used in the work, and the safety protection management measures. The training results are good. After the completion of the training, the training content of Tianjin Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Research Institute was an entry point, and the organization organized a safety production self-examination and full-staff safe production knowledge examination.

The safe production and mobility seminars are aimed at serving companies. They strive to promote safety awareness through the use of innovative teaching methods and flexible and flexible teaching methods, so as to constantly improve the safety awareness and safety of employees at all levels, and to maintain safe production stability.

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