Security door handle how to install

Security door handle how to install

Anti-theft door handles, as the name suggests, are the handles installed on the security door, which can facilitate us to open and close the security door, usually made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metal materials through forging, rolling, cutting and other physical processing processes to create , is a modern home security door indispensable hardware accessories, its installation can also affect the security door security home use effect.

1. Open the door so that you can operate both the internal and external door handles simultaneously. Find the two screws on the inside door handle cover that are fixed together with the inside and outside door handles.

2. Turn the two screws counterclockwise with a Phillips-head screwdriver and pull the outer door handle away from the door.

3. Remove the two screws with a crosshead screwdriver on the outer edge of the fixed latch door. Out the door, pull out the latch plate assembly.

4. Use a Phillips screwdriver to counterclockwise the two fixed ** board frames and pull the door frame board to drop it.

5. Place the new latch plate assembly through the door on the edge of the hole. The part of the curve of the latch bolt should point toward the outside of the door. Latches The wood screws supplied with the door handle assembly.

6. The outer door handle that was inserted into the door from the outside. Usually two sleeves, inside the cylinder of the latch hole, will fit. Press the door handle until the cover abuts the door.

7. The inner door handle that is inserted into the door is pulled from the inside of the door. With two fixing screws, pull the thread on the cover, turn the thread of the screw clockwise to the outer door, pull the glove, tighten the screw, and use a Phillips screwdriver.

8. Fix the impact plate and the screws provided with the kit on the curved side door frame around the inner side of the door frame.

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