Furniture industry VS Internet industry who won?

Furniture industry VS Internet industry Who won?

The times are constantly changing, but the overall transition of the furniture industry in our country seems to be slower than the times. When the brand came, China’s furniture industry still worked hard in the small workshops. When the Internet came, the furniture industry in China buried hard work in the factory. When the urbanization strides forward, the furniture industry is still Do you want to continue to work hard? The furniture industry's embrace of the Internet industry is a better way out.

The furniture industry and the Internet seem to be two completely different areas. How to organically combine B2C or 020 is a problem. Let's first study how the Suning appliance industry like furniture industry is doing.

Suning has fully optimized its own industrial structure, with online and offline prices. This has led to a phenomenon in which second-tier cities are mainly purchased offline, and the first-tier cities are mainly purchased offline. The main reason is that the people in the first-tier cities have a more developed network environment and more stores, which are more conducive to viewing goods, and then go online to buy orders. Online purchases can have points or buy through comparison software, saving the economy. For Suning, the move must not be adopted. The main reason is that the e-commerce platforms such as, Taobao, and Tmall are forcing. This is a behavior that a warrior must take to break his wrist. has a good performance on the IPO in order to achieve its own sales. At the same time, Home Appliances also accounts for 20% of its sales, and it is entirely possible to let go of the price war. After Suning’s move, Suning’s overall revenue has declined, and its profit margins and profit margins have slowed somewhat, but growth still exists.

So, will the story of home appliances be copied to the furniture industry? Think this is completely possible! Everyone knows that the furniture industry is a violent industry, and the price of a set of furniture is often more than ten times the cost price. Sooner or later, e-commerce companies will set foot in this market.

Judging from the development of the Internet, Amazon is a giant of American e-commerce, and its furniture sales accounted for 10% of its sales. Many domestic e-commerce companies are mimicking foreign business opportunities and the market will be shaken sooner or later. The reason why it is not currently implemented is mainly because of logistics and branding. The home appliance industry has brands, such as Haier refrigerators, Lenovo computers, and Midea air conditioners. But the furniture industry has no brand-only platform, and it is difficult to do a good job on the brand. Once a piece of furniture is made into a brand, such as an XX sofa, it can be aligned to the line and the electricity supplier will kill the market. Another reason is the uncertainty of the house types and the reasons for logistics. The types of houses in our country are, from the current point of view, uncertain, and there is no standard at all. Everyone's understanding of the house is different. There are certain considerations for the furniture industry to enter the house. China's logistics currently belongs to small pieces of logistics. Large items such as furniture are difficult to be delivered by quality and quantity. They also involve the installation and maintenance of similar home appliance logistics. It is difficult to digest and solve the e-commerce logistics.

In the short term, the furniture industry has not been affected by the Internet. However, if we look at the five-year period, the furniture industry will certainly be changed by the Internet. At the same time, another way to combine the Internet is group purchase business. Can furniture really not be able to make group purchases? It is believed that group purchase at home is easier to produce than group purchase of clothing, and it is easier to realize the C2B plan. The main reason is that the furniture industry is not a true mass production model. Mass production has little impact on costs. The Internet will eventually change the furniture industry!

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